Pipechat is the home to several organ related email lists including PipeChat, Diyapason-l and TPOTech.

The PipeChat List is the "chat" discussion group for pipe/digital/electronic organs and related topics. We encourage you to tell stories, anecdotes, introduce yourself through a bio or URL link to your homepage, and to help make this list a relaxed and enjoyable place where fun is the operative word. The Pipechat list is the second oldest organ related email list on the Net following PIPORG-L. We also maintain an IRC Server where list members can have "live chats" with other subscribers. These "live chats" take place on Monday and Friday nights beginning at 8 PM Central Time.

The Diyapason List is for those people who have or are installing a pipe organ in their home. it is a place where an owner can ask questions and get help in the process of installing and maintaining their own pipe organ. There are several professional organ builders who are also members of the list and are willing to give advice and encouragement. Subscribers need to read and agree with the List Charter in order to be added to the list.

The TPOTech List is for those people who are maintaining Theatre Pipe Organs. Again, subscribers need to read and agree to the List Charter in order to be added to the list.

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