DIYAPASON-L Digest #73 - Monday, April 3, 2000
small pipe organ for sale
  by "John Vanderlee" <>
small Estey -more
  by "John Vanderlee" <>

(back) Subject: small pipe organ for sale From: "John Vanderlee" <> Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 07:59:47 -0500   Dear list   We just located a small Estey pipe organ that needs to find a new home. The organ was taken out of a church 20 years ago when still playing. It = was stored in a home hoping to be re-installed there. That never happened. Yesterday I investigated same and found that although it was stored in an incredibly overstuffed house, it appears to be complete, with most pipes still wrapped up in brown Kraft. The storage was dry and it looks like the makings for a nice little organ.   On the down side is that it is tubular pneumatic, but therefore a perfect candidate for Direct Electric action.   At this point in time, we'd like to move it only once (out of the house) = so if anyone within a 200 mile radius is interested, we'd truck it to them.   Details:   Location: East of Poughkeepsie, NY in Dover Plains near the CT border.   Stop tab list: (L to R)   Trem SAl. 8' St. Diap. 8' Flt. Harm. 4' GT to Ped SW to ped Sw to Gt 8' Sw to Gt 16' Sw to Gt 4' Gt to Gt 4' Sw to Sw 16' SW to Sw 4' Dulciana 8' Melodia 8' Op Diap. 8' Bourdon 16'   The rolltop console is a two manual with a single set of stop tabs and "on-off"pushbuttons on the right cheeks It is believed it was installed in the early 1920's The last patent notice on it is 1918. A facade screen is included, and also a swell box in as far as I could determine. We were told the organ was 11 ft high total, although I saw no pipes over 8ft. It does have set of Haskells with it.   Proceeds from this will fund our High School pipe organ project so we are currently asking for $1750 delivered within the 200 mile radius. We will reduce the price accordingly if picked up locally, or if FOB.   Inquiries to the above email address please.   John V      
(back) Subject: small Estey -more From: "John Vanderlee" <> Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:16:28 -0500   >Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:58:09 -0400 >From: William Baker <> >Subject: small Estey >Sender: Pipe Organs and Related Topics <> >To: >Reply-to: William Baker <> > >John Vanderlee writes (in part) ><On the down side is that it is tubular pneumatic, but therefore a = perfect >candidate for Direct Electric action.> > >And has ventils chests, etc. -- however: dependingy on the year of >manufacture, it quite likely has _brass_ tubes instead of lead. This = could >tip the balance toward restoration instead of electrocution, IMO. > >I hope it finds a good home. >Wm Baker   Yes, it has BRASS tubing! Therefore I would tend to agree with mr. Baker.   John V