DIYAPASON-L Digest #133 - Friday, August 4, 2000
pipes for sale
  by "Robert  Eversman" <>
[Residence Organs]  eBay pipe organ stuff
  by "Forrest Radley" <>

(back) Subject: pipes for sale From: "Robert Eversman" <> Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 01:15:09 -0500   The following pipes are for sale on EBAY. To find the auction listing, simply link up to and then search for treble pipes. Make sure yo= u check the little box first so that it will search descriptions as well. I have posted pics on Ebay for your further investigation.   13 OPEN DIAPASON pipes to use as a 4=92 extension to your 8=92 rank. Wind pressure is somewhere between 4" and 5" but these pipes can easily play o= n less than 4" or over 5" with proper regulating of toe holes. The original scale of the 8' rank at low CC was 44. Most extensions start at C# howeve= r I am including the C (1/2 step lower) as well. Here are some specific measurements of the bottom 2 pipes as well as the highest C: 1st C=3D 9.5= =94 long + 9/16=94 diameter, C#=3D9 3/8=94 long and 8/16=94 diameter, high c = =3D 7 =BE=94 long and 5/16=94 diameter. These were made by the Wicks Organ Company in = the early 1930s. These pipes all sound fine, the tuning sleeves are tight and in good shape. There is some damage to high C (see pic 2) but this is onl= y cosmetic with no damage around the mouth of the pipe. These pipes are mad= e of lead which is still used in most metal organ pipes today. There will b= e a fixed 5.00 shipping and handling fee which you agree to pay by bidding = on this item. Pipes will be send USPO priority mail and packed very very wel= l, insurance is extra and will not be added unless you specifically ask for it. Personal checks may be held up to 14 days. I will ship within 24 hour= s if you send a money order or pay via Paypal. Let me know if you have any questions. By bidding on this auction you are agreeing to the following terms of this auction: Winning bidder must respond within two business da= ys to confirm bid, provide shipping address, and get mailing instrucions. Confirmed payment must be sent within seven days. If payment is not received by two weeks of the closing of this auction, winning bidder loos= es all rights to purchase this item, and item may be re-listed or offered to another buyer. If item is to be picked up, arrangements for pick-up must = be completed within seven days of the closing of this auction.=20   Cordially,   Robert Eversman Mineral Point WI=20    
(back) Subject: [Residence Organs] eBay pipe organ stuff From: "Forrest Radley" <> Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 12:09:44 -0700   The members of this list should be aware that from time to time has a lot of interesting pipe organ bits and pieces up for auction. Click on browse, then click on "Musical Instruments" (under Books, Movies, Music), then enter the search argument: pipe organ (Be sure to check the box for search only in Books, Movies, Music:Musical Instruments). Sometimes I leave that box unchecked and do a global search of "pipe = organ" just to see what might be listed under some other category. But, you have to wade through a lot of other listings to find what you are looking for.   In today's list I find not only the Diapason 4' treble extension 13 pipes that were mentioned yesterday by Robert Eversman, but there are 10 ranks worth of Shantz Pipe Organ Chests, one is an 8 rank straight chest, and = two are unit. The package deal includes 2 reservoirs, racking, & bearers plus a lot of other goodies. This is located in Downers Grove, Il. They will help you load. There is also a set of 32 - 16' wood open diapason pipes (un mitered) in Edwardsville, Il, and there is a set of 61 Wurlitzer flute pipes in San Jose, Ca.   I check this area out a couple of times a week to see if there is anything that interest me. Usually the pipe organ pieces go for very low prices. Sometimes one even finds complete pipe organs up for auction.   Have fun looking.