DIYAPASON-L Digest #210 - Thursday, December 21, 2000
  by "Elders, Craig" <>
copper tubing
  by "Brian  Graham" <>

(back) Subject: Howdy! From: "Elders, Craig" <> Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:02:36 -0600   Howdy!   I hope that all my list friends have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Also my wish is that Santa brings you some time and energy to work on your pipe organ project. (And be sure to check Santa's bag to see if there is = a new rank of pipes in there with your name on it. Sometimes he has problems getting those 32' Bourdons down the chimney.)   This is a time of the year when family and friends gather and a time we = get to show off our love, our pipe organs. For years, it is just parts and "stuff" all over the place and then one day it starts making those = glorious sounds. (But, there are still parts and "stuff" all over the house!) But something we always take such pride in showing off. I just love to look = at the faces of people that see a pipe organ in a home for the first time. = And even bigger eyes and expressions when they hear it play.   Without the help of each other and the professionals that take the time to help us with our projects, we might not have our very own pipe organs. How can we ever say enough thanks? I hope that all those that help us realize how much we appreciate the help and knowledge that is shared.   And we always need an update on what is going on with our instruments. Eleanor, my pipe organ has a new 8' Oboe, well, a better "experienced" = one. I hope my voicer and I can get it voiced shortly after the first of the year. Eleanor is still waiting for a new 2' Principal that is being made for her Great to arrive. (I can't wait to hear her already voiced = 8,4,III diapasons with her new 2'.)   My Christmas and holiday plans are moving slower these days. I just got back from my first ski trip of the season. I always go with a bunch of friends the first of December. This year the first morning of the first day, I took a tumble - a "spectacular" tumble down my favorite steep slope was reported by all. With a broken left arm, I traded my skiing in to became the week-long cook. So plans for the holidays with much organ playing and working on Eleanor has been changed. I think now I will have the time to start working on fingering for the new music that I am trying = to teach Eleanor to play, right hand fingerings for now - that is. (It was still a wonderful week of vacation with friends and seeing such beautiful snow, for us Texans.)   Again, best wishes to all my pals and I hope that year 2001 will be wonderful for you and your pipe organ projects! And keep those progress reports coming.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Craig Elders        
(back) Subject: copper tubing From: "Brian Graham" <> Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:33:45 -0000   Hello again.   I've been working on my main chamber manual offset bass chest for a while now.   It's pressure tubular pneumatic, "tubed off" from the bass toe holes of the main manual chest.   Since its original location had a 10' ceiling and its present location has an 8' ceiling (the regulator was previously located beneath the chest, which is not an option here), the original "annealed brass" tubes aren't the correct length.   I don't want to alter the existing tubes, because I want to maintain the organ so that it can be returned to virtually its exact configuration at a later date.   SOooooo   To make a long story short, the tubes are 5/16" O.D. I've found 5/16" O.D. copper tubes which seem to do the job quite nicely.   Is there any particular reason why I shouldn't use copper?