DIYAPASON-L Digest #8 - Sunday, January 16, 2000
Paul Arndt's Wicks....
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  by "David Scribner" <>
Restoration Supplies
  by "Jon C. Habermaas" <>

(back) Subject: Paul Arndt's Wicks.... From: <> Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 03:26:53 EST   > The (Wicks) organ also has several Robert-Morton pieces, so it is = already a > hybrid. > Paul Arndt >>   Paul, did you know that Wicks made organs for Robert Morton. I just sold = a 2/3 last year made by Wicks which was a Style 49 Photoplayer but had a RM nameplate because RM could not keep up at the California factory. = Soooooo, you may not have as much of a hybrid as you think. ;-)   Al Sefl  
(back) Subject: AN UPDATE From: "David Scribner" <> Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 20:58:13 -0600   Hi Folks   In the last week since this list went "live" we have grown from 46 members to 85 members. And there have been 119 postings. A good number of those were Introductions but there have been some questions asked and answer, which is what this list is all about. And the thought behind the answers sent in has been good which makes this an even more valuable resource.   Today, i spent some time - actually a lot of time - updating the list's web site at: Everyone that has sent in a working URL for a page for their instrument has been put on the Members Web page. And also, there were several folks that sent in business related sites, those have been put on the general Links page. If you have a page for your instrument and you haven't submitted it yet, please send me the URL so I can add it to the rest of them.   For those of you that don't have a web page and would like to have one, one of our members, Kurt Schlieter <>, has offered to make up simple pages for members projects. Please contact him directly about his doing a page for you. There is space on the list site to hold the page but I don't have the time to create them for everyone on the list.   Today, I also went through all the posts from this last week and have made up "bio" pages based on the introductions that you all sent to the list. If you sent an Introduction to the list during the week, please go to the "bio" page and check out yours. I will be happy to make any modifications, changes, additions, etc to any of the bios but I need to have you send me the full text so all I have to do is replace what is there with the new text. I sent notes to some of you asking if you minded that I used your introduction to create a page. But with the number of them that I did today, I got to the point where it was taking way too much time to send a private note to everyone. If you don't feel comfortable about having that information on the page, please let me know and I will remove it.   If you haven't sent in an Introduction to the list as of yet, please do so. That is one way we all can get to know you. Of course, your list owner has been guilty of not following his own instructions!! But that will be rectified shortly. It has been a very busy week for me including hosting a visiting recitalist for our AGO Chapter.   I have also added a Resource page to the web site. There are copies of the Blower Spreadsheet that Kurt Schlieter mentioned in one of his posts this week. I have also added some links for pages dealing with Hide Glue and a link to Kurt's site where there are instructions for building a simple pipe crate. If any of you have any links or files like these please send them to me for inclusion on this Resource page. If you have a file to send, please send it to my personal account since the owner account will not accept attachments.   Thanks for everyone's cooperation and postings during this first week of the list.   BTW, i can't sent to the list from the owner's account so this is going out from my personal account. But if you want to contact me as list owner please use so that your mail ends up in the correct mailbox on my machine.   David ********************************************************* DIYAPASON-L - a mailing list for the owners/builders of their own home pipe organ  
(back) Subject: Restoration Supplies From: "Jon C. Habermaas" <> Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 21:12:17 -0600   Hi listers,   If you haven't been there...check out the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Societies Website. Besides being an interesting site there is a full page devoted to venders who have unique items that are might interes be = of interest to someone restoring a pipe organ. Their URL is:   jch