DIYAPASON-L Digest #23 - Monday, January 31, 2000
  by "Robert  Eversman" <>

(back) Subject: Introduction From: "Robert Eversman" <> Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 20:53:55 -0600   My name is Robert Eversman. I live in Mineral Point, WI.(45min S.W.of Madison) where I work as a musician. I am assembling a 5 rank instrument using the major part of a 4 rank Wicks organ built in 1938 for a funeral home in Marian, Iowa. The original ranks were #1) Open Diapason (49 pipes with 8' basses common with flute) #2) Salicional (61 pipes with 8' basses common with flute) # 3) Dulciana (49 pipes with 8' basses common with flute) #4) flute (85 pipes with 16' basses created by a winded reed box). The original console was very limiting and has been replaced with an antique roll top Hinners console (all white quarter sawn oak) and modern AGO pedalboard (Klann for now). All ranks which were originally tied in with the flute basses have been extended with matching bass octaves. The reed box has been replaced with a beautiful 16' extension made by Casavant and sit on Austin unit chests. The 8' Flute is all original to the 1938 Wicks but was revoiced with a notable chiff and is quite beautiful. The original dulciana (small scale) now functions as a celeste to another larger scale Dulciana rank from a different Hinners organ made in 1916. = The basses to this added rank are from a 1917 Moller. I also extended the top end of the Dulciana with a 4' treble octave made by Kilgen for Preston Bradley Hall in Chicago. The open flute is from a 1960's Moller. The = relays are Wicks (1957) and SSL (1974) combined. The combination action is the original Hinners mechanical system which still works perfectly. I have all the pipework I will need except the principal which I plan to custom order from Organ Supply; this will be the only part of the organ which has not been recycled from other organs. I live and work in a commercial building right in town built in 1853 which functioned as a hotel for over 100 = years. It is aprx 4500 sq feet and made of native limestone. Despite all this room, only part of the building is "improved" so the entire instrument is located in my bedroom! The 4' open flute is mounted on the wall directly centered over my bed. The restriction in space has become a rather fun challenge for me. My future goal for the organ is to have it in an expression chamber. I enjoy sharing my hobby with others and promoting the beauty and joy of the King of Instruments.