DIYAPASON-L Digest #130 - Sunday, July 30, 2000
Aeolian Opus 1280 progress
  by "Robert W. Taylor" <>

(back) Subject: Aeolian Opus 1280 progress From: "Robert W. Taylor" <> Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 21:27:38 -0500   The Aeolian plays again!   Phase one of my project has come to fruition. With the pipes still in their trays, the restored player console has started making music again through the modern magic of MIDI.   While the music room is under construction, electronics keep my project from falling mute. As reported in my first post to this list, my project includes digitizing a large roll collection as well as restoring the pipe organ itself. With the Devtronix MIDI interface purchased last year, my console can now play 85 year old 116-note Aeolian pipe organ rolls.   Using a cheap Yamaha keyboard that I use for editing new Ampico piano rolls, I can now preview my collection of over 950 116-note Aeolian rolls. The musical results are poor since no registration or dynamics is = possible. However, each roll can be previewed for merit and a list of the good stuff has begun.   The oddities of the 116-note roll player in the console are also being explored. Lacking a test roll, the regulation of the roll player is quite laborious. Currently, the regulation of electrical contacts is my prime activity. I hope to bring enough refinement to the roll reader that extremely accurate MIDI files can be made of each roll. My Mac and = Master Tracks Pro can capture the performances, and various editing tasks can = take place on screen. Playback of the edited roll can be immediate. Of = course, after the pipes are up, that will be the playback medium.   As I told Brian Graham privately, the initial results were awful. That = has changed. Each day I discover ways to improve the performance of the roll reader output. In a few weeks, that output should be near perfect.   While my music room and the real pipes plod slowly, I plan to upgrade from the cheap keyboard to a rather nice Rodgers which can show fully each roll's potential. So far, the correct Rodgers eludes me. I am willing = to spend fairly big bucks to get the right organ, so if anyone on the list = has a lead, let me know.   Once the real organ is up in the new music room, I will use the Rodgers in conjunction with the pipes. The two instruments, combined or played separately, should make for some neat listening. Using the Rodgers, I = plan to have a 32' pedal stop on the Aeolian stop list. Of course, there will be others as well.   Your comments are always welcome.   Bob Taylor