DIYAPASON-L Digest #72 - Friday, March 31, 2000
The Glue Pot is mailed.................. x-posted
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(back) Subject: The Glue Pot is mailed.................. x-posted From: <> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 19:52:00 EST   I wanted to personally thank every member of the Pipe Organ Owners Group = for the great time I had as editor of The Glue Pot. Each and every person = with a pipe organ of some description in their homes or installed (best of all) = in a theatre should give themselves a pat on the back. Preserving the theatre pipe organ artform is a long and expensive labor of love. Bless you all = for doing it.   I hope my contribution in making the format of The Glue Pot was of some = value in furthering the technical side of the artform. The unfortunate side of = The Glue Pot was that I had to write most of everything in it and it just wore = me down until a single issue would take a year to put together. The ATOS = Board voted to hand The Glue Pot back to John Ledwon who created it in the beginning and did a great job for the first half of its publication. I = know John will do a great job and I urge that those of us in the Pipe Organ = Owners Group continue to support his efforts. We can do that by sending in = photos of our installations, either playing or in progress, or a technical = article, etcetera. I will continue with my Organ Building 101 series and look = forward to the great regular contributions by talented craftsman technicians like Randy Bergum.   I personally paid for the first 3 years of The Glue Pot under my = editorship. It was my way of making a contribution. Each year the ATOS National had allocated funds but I felt that I could help by freeing funds for the National to continue to further the artform in other ways. My finances = have taken a downturn with churches going to canned music and my lousy teaching =   salary shrinking against inflation so the National has been supporting The =   Glue Pot for the last 2 years. I think we should recognize this valuable commitment on their part. This issue of The Glue Pot had printing costs about $1 per person with postage at $0.77 and that adds up quickly.   So, what can YOU do? Easy, bring someone new into the ATOS family. = Recruit members and don't just sit back letting a dedicated core of people do the = job until they tire out. Get involved with your local chapter. Write an article. Take a picture. Volunteer for a chapter position. All of us = are stronger together than working singly.   Lastly, I would sincerely like to thank all of those who have expressed appreciation on the job that I did with my format of The Glue Pot and the technical materials I brought into publication. Several have asked if The =   Glue Pot could be put on-line as a web page. I will provide the scanned paste-ups or the later electronically composed issues if someone wishes to =   put them on a web site. This would really further the artform and cost virtually nothing.   Oh yes, my last issue of The Glue Pot has been mailed out. It is a blower =   issue with Organ Building 101 covering organ blower calculations and the Spencer booklet reprinted so kindly by Jim Turner. I hope you all enjoy = it.   Best wishes to all,   Al Sefl The Glue Pot ex-Editor   p.s.: All future inquiries about the Pipe Organ Owners Group and *The = Glue Pot* newsletter should be sent to John Ledwon at < = >.