DIYAPASON-L Digest #90 - Monday, May 8, 2000
An out of town wedding!(slightly off-topic)
  by "John Vanderlee" <>

(back) Subject: An out of town wedding!(slightly off-topic) From: "John Vanderlee" <> Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 13:59:05 -0500   A relative living in Holland wishes to come over here to the US with her husband-to-be to be married in a churh here.   The reasons are many: more relatives here, the scenery, the church where = my wife is organist, aging grand-parents etc. Of course they want my wife to be the organist. (see this is organ-topic!)   Has anyone ever heard if a wedding done here in the US for non-citizens (just visitors-so-to-speak) is legal? over here? over there? Is there special paperwork? I'm sure you 'll see all the questions we see.   Please respond by private email.   Thanks for your input.   John V