DIYAPASON-L Digest #182 - Wednesday, November 8, 2000
flutes for specific purposes?
  by "Brian  Graham" <>

(back) Subject: flutes for specific purposes? From: "Brian Graham" <> Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 23:16:32 -0000   Thanks again for the replies on the earlier flute question, but one = question I asked got no response, and it was the one I was most interested in.   Other than volume level, is there a specific reason that someone would specify a stopped flute rather than an open one?   This organ originally had 3 flutes, Gross, Melodia and Transverse. When = it was rebuilt and enlarged, a "Stopped Diapason" was added that's only slightly softer than the Melodia. Why?   I know that stopped ranks are sometimes built for economic or space conserving reasons (or for that Tibia sound, which of course this little stop does not provide), but this organ was originally in a big house in Greenwich, CT, so it probably wasn't because it was a cheap rank, and = since all of the other ranks have haskell basses, the stopped diapason doesn't take any less room than the Melodia vertically (actually, it takes more space horizontally.)   Sooooo   It just made me wonder if there's a really specific use for this rank in combination with other ranks.   I suppose, after I've played the organ long enough, I'll figure out its "special purpose", if there is one. Right now the 1' octave is = mysteriously missing (apparently packed into a tray with another rank) so until I can locate those pipes, this rank is just being used to "shore up" the bass until the bass offset is functional.   Hope I didn't bore you too badly.   Best of luck with all of your projects!!   -Brian