DIYAPASON-L Digest #155 - Sunday, October 8, 2000
Re: How is your project going?
  by "Robert W. Taylor" <>

(back) Subject: Re: How is your project going? From: "Robert W. Taylor" <> Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 15:31:58 -0500   Not wanting to be different from others posting their progress, I must admit my progress on Aeolian 1280 is very slow.   I sense that my project is a bit different than most because my organ is a roll player and I am giving great emphasis to the rolls. As reported earlier, I am building a separate structure 28' by 56' to house the organ. That music room is just now passing the foundation phase and is ready for framing. The space needed to uncrate the pipes and work on the chests = just doesn't exist until the lower level of the music room is finished. The music room should be ready for initial occupancy in about 60 days. Once = the uncrating process starts, I will give the pipes full attention. I would like to hear suggestions on dent removal, cleaning, and making the pipes look good. Also, information about fitting tuning sleeves and the best time to undertake that task within the overall restoration.   In the mean time, I continue to work on the console. My focus now is to get all key contacts and switches operating flawlessly. The 116-note roll player in the console is working quite well and regulation continues.   The next phase I enter is rebuilding the ten roll changer Duo-Art Concertola. Tear down of that mechanism is almost complete. Detailed drawings and videos are being used to map the complex tubing that is the prime operating medium for the machine. The electrical portion is far = less complex. If anyone has the schematics for a Concertola, I would love to purchase copies. It is unclear exactly where my Concertola was first installed, but I believe it was in the 54th Street townhouse of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. It carries the serial number 232, if anyone has a list, please let me know.   The Rollin Smith book indicates that Rockefeller purchased the Concertola in 1930. Later, in 1937, that house was torn down and no mention is made of the organ and concertola relocating. Perhaps it was acquired by John's sister, Alta Rockefeller Prentice. Concertola 232 did at one time belong to Alta Rockefeller, but where did she get it?   I would love to hear from other Aeolian restorers. I am essentially working on this full time and hope to progress rapidly after moving to the music room.   Bob Taylor