DIYAPASON-L Digest #372 - Sunday, August 19, 2001
More  Console pneumatics
  by <>

(back) Subject: More Console pneumatics From: <> Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:43:24 EDT   I now have the coupler chest's 14 pneumatic pouches all replaced with new, =   and all 28 fiber disks releathered and waiting till tommorow to reinstall. After stopping on that I started working on the rack of 8 pneumatics. The = old black bellows cloth was tough to get off so it came off in bits and = pieces. I seem to remember seeing Bob at work who does pneumatics and reservoirs = using an old cloth for a cut-out pattern as opposed to cutting a long strip, = gluing and then trimming but I don't see any difference one way or the other. The problem I had was dealing with the cardboard strips inside, I traced = the originals for the first pneumatic onto some shoebox cardboard which was = the right thickness, cut the 6 strips I needed and set them aside. I glued a 2" by 5 or 6" strip of new cloth on the hinge end and then = trimmed it all around, then started the longer strip overlapping the hinge strip = by about 1" like the original and glued the first side holding the two boards =   open with a spacer block to obtain the 1-7/8-2" maximum spread width = these have. Then I glued in the first two strips of cardboard inside. So far so good, tedious and not a lot of finger room to work with but it worked okay. The second side I could see trying to glue the cardboard in after gluing = the cloth on would be hard to reach in far enough to make sure the cardboard = was pressed down well etc., so I glued the cardboard onto the cloth first then =   the cloth to the wood, same for the third side which had to glue down to = the wood somewhat blind as far as telling how the cardboard was fitting in between the boards inside. Then finished with a 1" overlap on the hinge side again. There is a spring that has to go back on the hinge end into two holes = which will be fun to try finding under the new cloth, and an eye on the business =   end for the threaded rod.   It took a while to do, I have a feeling there's an easier faster way = because I can't see Moller or any other builder having someone essentially spend = an entire day on a handful of these pneumatics. It really shouldn't be hard = to glue a strip of cloth around two boards and do it in a few minutes.   Thankfully there are only 12 of these and if this first one turns out okay =   then there's 11 to do. Year ago around age 16 I rebuild a player piano and had to redo 88 tiny pneumatics, but those had no cardboard inside and were real easy, the internal cardboard stiffeners sure do add a whole other issue to = recovering these.   Randall