DIYAPASON-L Digest #478 - Monday, December 31, 2001
Pipe organ seen on "Extreme Homes"
  by "Frank Vanaman" <>
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Bourdon chest
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(back) Subject: Pipe organ seen on "Extreme Homes" From: "Frank Vanaman" <> Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 17:58:20 -0500   Hi y'all!   Hope the end of the year is treating everyone OK!   I've just gotten the opportunity to see the episode of "Extreme Homes" = which most likely aired last evening on HGTV.   Of note to this list is the appearance of Phil Maloof's residence in Las Vegas, which features, among other things, a house organ of substantial proportions. I believe the nucleus instrument was a 3/10 or 3/11 Barton = from Norfolk, or Newport News VA, which was later to be found in the Virginia Theatre, Alexandria, later still at Bob Maes' Granada Theatre in Kansas City, and apparently now at Phil's. Of course, Phil also has the 6 manual Barton console from the Chicago Stadium playing this instrument, and we = were treated to some clips of Dave Wickerham playing at the 6 manual console, = and an interview with Dave and also Bob Maes.   "Extreme?" Um, ah... Yes! Catch it in re-runs, or get your TiVo to snap it up for you!   Frank Vanaman Baltimore, MD   PS. My residence organ project? Er, sorry, stopped dead right now. Maybe some motion in the spring! F          
(back) Subject: Progress From: <> Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 20:19:06 EST   Things are progressing fairly well, I now have 30 of the key relays for = the swell all wired up, had to replace 4 of them with new ones since 3 of the = 4 mysteriously no longer work, the 4th had the tiny intercoil wire broken. = They all bench tested fine months ago but I guess things happen. I will probably buy new ones for the Great since it will be a while before = I work on that division.   The rectifier was set at 13 volts and I left it at that.   So the first chest with two ranks is functioning, theres a couple of = ciphers and the bottom 6 of the vio diap are not hosed yet- they are mounted on = the ceiling, and the vio cel starts at C13 so the bottom octave on the manual = has only 6 functioning pipes on it and I only have to F30 in the key relays = wired up. Will probably get those 30 working before wiring in 31-61   Randall  
(back) Subject: Bourdon chest From: <> Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 00:17:50 EST   I finally have the Bourdons playing. The bottom 12 are on the original = chest. The next 32 are on a new chest with old pouches and valves, newer magnets. Some of the notes don't play when energized, but when you push the valve stems they play. I did check the magnets for broken wires before I put = them in. Could the magnets be for higher pressure? Have a happy new year! Dennis