DIYAPASON-L Digest #333 - Thursday, May 31, 2001
Organ layout
  by "Robert W. Taylor" <>

(back) Subject: Organ layout From: "Robert W. Taylor" <> Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 21:15:22 -0500   Well, some of you may remember that I thought that last Thanksgiving, I would start moving my organ and shop into my new music room building. Surprise, it hasn't happened yet!   Yes, there is progress--but it is sooooo slow. We are painting the interior of the music room now. But the electricity still hasn't been turned on. The muddy ditch that awaits the supply wiring also blocks access to my new shop, so nothing can move in.   Meanwhile, the concertola is in the old shop and it plays nicely. Using = my MIDI set up, I am slowly reviewing my collection of Duo-Art Rolls. BTW, I am buying and trading these rolls, so if anyone has some to sell or trade, please get in touch.   There are seceral items that I would like comments on from the list. First, where does one get the pre-wired telephone connector plugs--which I have heard called "pig tails"? Second, my empty music room now has so = much echo that a small portable radio sounds terrible. What types of things should I be doing to tame this echo and use it to good advantage? The space is 28 by 56 with vaulted ceilings.   The recent discussions about swell enclosures have been of great interest to me since I have yet to decide on the scheme of enclosure that I will use. The problem with my chamber area is in ceiling height. While the wall height is 14 feet, the height needed to accommodate the 16' violone = is almost 17'. That 17' is available away from all outer walls in the hip roof design of the building. So my initial plan is to place the violone rank perpendicular to the back chamber wall and use the great/choir swell box as a backing to the violone rank. This would place the violone near the center of the chamber, with the CCC pipe about 9 feet away from the back wall. That means the great/choir swell box must be 9 feet deep. So if this scheme is used, I wind up with a swell box that is twice the depth needed to house one 8 rank chest. That's wonderful for tuning to have abundant space surrounding the chest within the swell box, but what is the down side?   BACK CHAMBER WALL 28' 14' WALL HEIGHT   = ___________________________________________________________________ | ||| | | | ||| | | | ||| 16' VIOLONE RANK | = | | GREAT SWELL BOX ||| AGAINST SWELL BOX | SWELL CHEST = | | |||<----- | EXPRESSION BOX = | | ||| | = | | ||| | = | | ||| | = | | ||| | = | |_______________________||| CCC = |___________________|   CEILING HEIGHT 17' at CCC   Chimes and Harp to mounted on rear wall between expression boxes, Great Diapason to be mounted betweeen expression boxes at front, as high as possible.   MUSIC ROOM AREA   CONSOLE   The bottom three violone pipes are mitered at about an 30 degree angle. It is my understanding that violone pipes don't do well when mitered too much. With a chest height of about 1 foot, a total mitered pipe length of about 14 feet, and the chest about 1 foot off the floor, the need for a 17 foot ceiling is evident.   I would like comments on this layout. Specifically, I would like to hear comments on swell boxes that are larger than the chests within.   This installation is for my Aeolian Opus 1280, III/34. The great/choir swell box has 8 ranks, the swell organ box has 14 ranks. Pedal 16' violone, 16' boudon, and 8' cello are not under expression. Great/Choir Diapason 8' also is not under expression. 4 rank Echo has its own expression and will be located at rear of the room.   It is too late to change the room size or height. But, there still can be quite a bit of shuffling within the 14 by 28 chamber area. We don't plan on using the entire 14 foot depth, if possible.   Bob Taylor