DIYAPASON-L Digest #426 - Friday, November 2, 2001
RE: [Residence Organs]  my project
  by "STEVE PITTS" <>

(back) Subject: RE: [Residence Organs] my project From: "STEVE PITTS" <> Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 14:16:10 -0600       I have been seriously looking for an organ to buy for about a year. I = wanted something a little larger than the typical 3- 5 rank organs which = appear in the internet adds.I also considered trying to build an organ = from parts that I had accumulated. Anyway, unexpectedly, I received an = e-mail from the music director of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Carrolton, = Georgia informing me that they were trying to sell their pipe organ. All = the other organs I had seen for sale were a long way from Alabama. Since = this one was so close I decided it wouldn't hurt to spend an afternoon to = go and see it. Dave McClellan from Atlanta arranged to join me at the = church and together we took a look at the organ. I was really impressed, = but I thought it was way too big for a home project. The organ was = basically a 25 rank straight organ. It had 4 divisions including 2 8ft = open diapasons, 3 16ft pedal stops, 2 nice reeds and a 3 manual console. = There were 5 reservoirs and two blowers including an enormous one   Steve Pitts