DIYAPASON-L Digest #447 - Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Re: [Residence Organs]  Progress (OTLTO)
  by "Ross Wards" <>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Progress (OTLTO) From: "Ross Wards" <> Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 21:12:55 +1300   Dear List, Just two weeks ago I heard of local organ where the congregation had taken = a chainsaw to the chests, console and action of their organ and the bits and pipes were piled in a heap. I've managed to retrieve them: Hill & Son (of England, 1884) 8 Open Diap. (TenC up) 8 Claribel (Hill up to TenF#, then new Claribel 1945) 8 Dulciana (TenC) 4 Principal 4 Wald Flute (inverted-mouth, wood) 2 Fifteenth (Laukhuff 1964)   8 Open Diap. (TenC) 8 Gamba (CC) 4 Gemshorn (cylindrical up to TenC) 8 Oboe (English, 1962) 8 Horn (English pipes, 1962)(TenB and Mid.C# missing)   16 Bourdon   Quite a marvellous haul of old pipes, and it cost me nothing, but the = organ should not have been wrecked. It hadn't been used for nine years. I've had to fill in gaps - about 65 pipes were souvenired by parishioners, but luckily I had enough spares apart from those two of the Horn.   Regards, Ross Wards (of New Zealand)   -----Original Message----- From: Steven Durham <> To: Residence Organ List <> Date: 28 November 2001 17:38 Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Progress (OTLTO)     >Larry and List: > >It is a sad tale when pipe organs and their parts get into the hands of >uninformed individuals. Some of the horror stories I've heard about >entire organs being thrown in the dumpster make me ill. > > A former friend of mine owned the famous Buddy Cole theatre organ and >had it in storage at his home for many years. He evidentially didn't >care for the Dulciana ranks in this organ because he was using most of >pipes from them to walk across a mud puddle! They were literally >trampled into the ground. > >Steven Durham >Portland, OR > >----- Original Message ----- >From: "Larry Chace" <> >To: <> >Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 8:22 PM >Subject: [Residence Organs] Progress (OTLTO) > > >> (Or The Lack There Of!) >> >> Greetings, all. Craig Elder's recent comments about his project >recall the >> real advantage to be gained by sharing what is going on (even if it >isn't >> much!). >> >> It was "only" a year ago that I got one rank playing, a Clarabella >(Concert >> Flute, Melodia, etc.) unified at several pitches and playing from a >single >> manual. Little has really changed since then, but, amazingly enough, >the >> grandkids still enjoy playing it. >> >> I recently helped a little in the (sad) removal of a residence pipe >organ >> that had been built at home by a late local organ service man. In a >> two-story chamber about 10' square, starting in the basement, he has >> assembled a 2-manual organ that included a 16' Marr and Colton Tuba >> (full-length) as well as a 4-rank Echo division (from opus #1527). >The >> offset bass pipes from that chest's Dulciana, Dulciana Celeste, and >Aeoline >> were never installed and were found up the attic along with perhaps >100 >> zinc string bass pipes and miscellaneous wooden pipes. I salvaged 3 >> Aeolian swell shades, nicely made of laminated lumber and fited with >ball >> bearings (original???). I *might* cut them down for use in my >instrument. >> >> I also picked up three boxes of miscellaneous treble pipes; after >several >> hours of sorting I find quite a few top octaves of 4' stops, or >perhaps >> more likely notes 62-73 that got removed from the rest of their ranks. >At >> least some of these trebles might prove useful. >> >> The "lesson", if there is one, is to label everything, or perhaps keep >a >> nice inventory list showing what is what. A few of those treble >octave >> were wrapped in 1950 newspapers, but most were just a jumble. The >other >> folks had now idea that the Echo bass pipes were around, since they >were >> not in the chamber. >> >> In October I attended the convention of the American Institute of >> Organbuilders, up near Boston, and that was great fun. We visited the >> shops of Anover, Noack, and Fisk and got to see and hear several very >> interesting instruments. I spoke with someone from Austin and found >out >> that they probably have *in stock* the shallots and other parts needed >to >> complete the bottom octave of a 16' Posaune that I got a year or so >ago. >> (Those pipes were originally in John T. Austin's own residence organ >and >> were later in another residence instrument that was dumpstered by the >> builder's widow, another sad tale.) Four of those bottom 12 lost >their >> blocks, shallots, etc. to the dumpster. Now, I wonder what it would >cost >> to have Austin make the replacements?!? >> >> The shop has gotten improved a bit, and I hope to have a bit more free >time >> as of January, when I'll retire from Cornell University (but will >still >> work part-time elsewhere). I just dusted off the little set of 3/4" >scale >> paper cutouts of chests, reservoirs, etc., and have started once again >> trying to decide how to arrange things in the chamber (and what size >chests >> to build). >> >> Another interesting thing about the 1-year-old 1-rank organ: I haven't >> tuned it since last year at this time. It is in a basement chamber, >> well-insulated, and the temperature has varied somewhat (45-70 >degrees). >> Still, the Estey wooden pipes have stayed very well in tune all this >time! >> >> Larry Chace >> >> >> >> DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own >> Residence Pipe Organs. >> HOMEPAGE : >> List: >> Administration: >> > > >DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own >Residence Pipe Organs. >HOMEPAGE : >List: >Administration: > >