DIYAPASON-L Digest #418 - Thursday, October 25, 2001
Re: [Residence Organs]  Re: Spencer blower, Century motor
  by "Eric Sagmuller" <>
3M Wurlitzer
  by "John Vanderlee" <>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Re: Spencer blower, Century motor From: "Eric Sagmuller" <> Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 09:16:20 -0400   At 05:59 PM 10/24/2001 -0400, Roc wrote: >Jon--- >I beg to differ with you on the inrush and starting current on the = Century >motors. These motors were built in the age when "adequate" excess = electrical >capabilities did not exist outside the core sections of cities. Therefore = the >Century repulsion start , induction run motor was quite satisfactory. I = have >never had one of them draw huge amounts of current at startup.   I agree. Repulsion start motors draw a moderate current when starting = while capacitor start motors draw a high current. Split phase motors draw a more =   moderate starting current but have much less starting torque than = repulsion or cap. start motors. Repulsion start motors are similar in starting = torque to cap. start motors, but due to the brush system they are more efficient in starting current.   As far as air over cooling goes, Grainger sells alot of split phase motors =   marked as blower, fan or pump duty. These do not need air over to keep = them cool. They are classified as such because of the lower starting torque = they offer. Unless the one Jon used is strictly for air over blower operation, it should be fine without air over. Air over motors are normally noted as = such.   One other good practice would be to check the motor running current at = full load to make sure it stays within limits. Of course if full organ runs it = a bit over for just a short time like a crescendo, the motor can take this. Overloading for more than a few seconds will need to be of concern. Of course one should have a motor starter to protect the motor in case of overload anyway.   Eric   >However,,,its >a moot point, you have replaced and are up and running. >Cheers, >---Roc >L V Rockafellow >Niew Joisey > >DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own >Residence Pipe Organs. >HOMEPAGE : >List: >Administration:    
(back) Subject: 3M Wurlitzer From: "John Vanderlee" <> Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 10:42:08 -0700   Hi List,   Are you all aware of that little gem in Connecticut? =3D0&showTutorial=3D0&ed=3D1004133010&indexURL=3D0&rd=3D1   The start price is $500, but no bidders yet. There is no counter so maybe all are waiting for the last minute? We don't live too far from there, and although we have no use for it in our School organ project, it seems tempting to bid on it. Is there anyone out there who has an interest? We could try to obtain it, and then store it (temporarily) until a new owner shows up. We'd just ask a little something for our efforts with proceeds to fund our project. If there is any interest at all, just let me know.   John V