DIYAPASON-L Digest #384 - Wednesday, September 12, 2001
3m DK console with Ivory keys
  by "Blaine Ricketts" <>

(back) Subject: 3m DK console with Ivory keys From: "Blaine Ricketts" <> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:29:29 -0700   If you are looking for a 3m DK console with Ivory keys, I have a nice medium oak Hilgreen & Lane. The tripper pneumatic set mechanics were removed so the console needs electric drawknobs and a new combination action. There is space to add more drawknobs. At present the existing drawknobs and couplers are still there but not hooked up to anything. The keys are center pivot, not long frame, and the old crank & slider contacts are still at the back of the keys. The Ivory is in great shape but the sharps are plastic! Nice piston buttons, old type with bushing felt that feel nice when pressed. Here are the numbers: Drawknobs Pedal 16, Swell 12, Great 10, Choir 12 Tilt tab Couplers; 6 to pedal, 6 to great, 3 to choir plus a ch-sw 8'.   Pistons: 6 Generals thumb & toe, 6 Pedals thumb & toe, 6 Swell, 6 Great, 6 Choir, Gen Cancel thumb piston.   Reversibles, thumb & toe: Sw-Ped, Gr-Ped, Ch-Ped, SFZ   5 Crescendo lamps plus lamps for power, sfz, signal 6 position Deagan chime control switch   Wood music rack without lamp. The wood is spliced into Plexiglas for the upper half. It looks very nice. Asking $800.00 or best offer. Buyer must ship from San Francisco Bay Area.   Thanks,   Blaine Ricketts