DIYAPASON-L Digest #399 - Thursday, September 27, 2001
Re: [Residence Organs]  Re: Spencer blower, Century motor
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Robert Henderson Murphy of Interlochen Fine Arts Academy dies
  by "The Schneider Family" <>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Re: Spencer blower, Century motor From: <> Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 01:05:35 EDT     In a message dated 9/26/01 12:42:43 PM, writes:   >Ed,,,,,,just my 2 cents worth---but-- >I have been working with Spencer blowers and Century motors for about 50 > >years now,,,and have never seen a Spencer that heating the hub of the = fans > >with a Bernz-o-matic torch keeping it away from the motor shaft,,,would >not >loosen the hub up enuf to pull the fan off,,,Use heavy gloves with the > >fans,,,they are sharp on all edges. >Hope this helps.     AHha! I have one for you :)   My Orgoblow from 1927, 2HP deal has two rather odd aluminum brackets with rubber bumper buttons. The bracket rides over the shaft and each of the curved ends with the rubber bumpers seats in between two of the fan = blades. The brackets came off easy with set screws, but the fans would not budge = no matter what, and all the WD40 and tapping in the world was clear wasn't going to do a thing, and I was unable to pry with out defecting or damage, = or get behind the blades.   I DID manage to get them off by locking the motor with a pipe through the = old generator pully. With the motor locked so it couldn't turn, I simply "unscrewed" the fan blades in a "steering wheel turning" fashion. There = was slight rust between the fan hub and the motor shaft as the cause.     Randall  
(back) Subject: Robert Henderson Murphy of Interlochen Fine Arts Academy dies From: "The Schneider Family" <> Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 11:56:36 -0500   Dear List members,   At the request of a former Alumnus who is not on any of the lists, I am posting this for the benefit of any Interlochen alumnus or any other interested parties:   Richard Schneider   > Charter member of the Interlochen Arts Academy > faculty, Robert Henderson Murphy, died on Saturday, > September 22, 2001, in Traverse City, Michigan, > after a valiant struggle with cancer. > > Murf's fascination with Interlochen began as a > camper and member of the summer All-State Orchestra > program. "I knew when I first came to northern > Michigan as an All-State camper in 1952 that I would > return," said Murf. "It was in my blood. I loved > it!" And return he did ... first as a counselor and > unit leader (1959 through 1962) in the High School > Boys division of the National Music Camp, and then > as one of the first Arts Academy employees. > > Records reveal that Murf was so excited about the > potential of working at the Academy that in January > of 1961, he wrote Margaret Stace, assistant to > Interlochen's founder, Dr. Joseph Maddy about a > job. This was still 20 months before the school > opened! "That was a great time," Murf fondly > recalled. "I could never do it now, though," he > would say. "There was so much energy required to > keep up with Dr. Maddy. Back then you worked seven > days a week, 24 hours a day and you were still > always one step behind him." Based on the lists of > committee responsibilities, school projects and > tasks that always seemed to find their way to Murf's > plate, some would say he never slowed down! > > Initially hired in 1962 as a Dormitory Counselor and > Instructor of Music, Murf also worked as Dean of > Boys, Instructor of Choral Music, Academy Admissions > Counselor, Coordinator of Student Activities and as > the conductor and music director for several theatre > department musicals (including My Fair Lady, Annie > Get Your Gun, Fiorello, and King and I), before > settling in as Instructor of Organ, Piano and Class > Piano from 1971 through 2001. He also served as > Instructor of Organ at the Interlochen Arts Camp > from 1971 through 2000, where in the summer of 1982 > he initiated a Sunday afternoon Chapel Organ series > to showcase the Dendrinos Chapel's new > Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ -- the first pipe organ > on Interlochen's campus. In addition, > from 1963 until his retirement in September, 2001, > Murf's work as organist and later as Director of > Music at Central United Methodist Church in Traverse > City gave his organ students enviable opportunities > to develop and hone their church music and service > playing skills. > > After 39 years of teaching at the Academy and > already in failing health, Murf retired on June 3, > 2001. Special celebrations at that time included a > formal tribute from the Michigan legislature signed > by Representative Jason Allen, Senator George > MacManus and Governor John Engler. A two volume > collection of letters, photos and reminiscences from > current and former colleagues and students presented > at that time clearly revealed that Murf had made a > difference in so very, very many lives by tirelessly > giving the best he had to give. But perhaps in his > 1976 self-evaluation Murf himself best summed his > work as a teacher and colleague: "I have considered > it a privilege to work at Interlochen and have > always enjoyed the people who are attracted to this > environment. The student who is beginning an > instrument is just as exciting for me to work with > as the more advanced person who is headed for a > performance major in college. I believe in the basic > concepts of this Academy and Camp, and intend to do > everything possible to help maintain our > reputation. Studying at Interlochen is one of the > greatest > experiences a student can have during his high > school years." > > Murf was preceded in death by his parents, Millard > and Wava Murphy, and nephew, Bradley Hoorn, lost in > the destruction of the World Trade Center just last > week. He is survived by his sister Katherine Murphy > Hoorn, her husband, Dennis and daughter, Kara of > Richland, Michigan, as well as special friends, > Kathryn Herkelmann and Laurence Smith. A memorial > service will be held on Sunday, October 14th at 4:00 > p.m. at Central United Methodist Church in Traverse > City, Michigan. Memorials may be directed to the > Interlochen Center for the Arts or to Central United > Methodist Church. Messages for the Hoorn family may > be sent to: 2549 Frauline, Richland, MI 49083. > Ann Hanson > Vice President, Human Resources