DIYAPASON-L Digest #712 - Thursday, December 26, 2002
Progress at Christmas, aka, Silent Night
  by "Robert W. Taylor" <>

(back) Subject: Progress at Christmas, aka, Silent Night From: "Robert W. Taylor" <> Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 11:34:23 -0600   For those of who toil, it seems that reporting on the meager progress = made, warms the spirit, and sustains our efforts.   In early December, I stopped by Quimby Organs for a brief visit and = watched the craftsman at work. It was a humbling experience, but inspiring as = well. In the reed voicing room was an Aeolian-Skinner type two trumpet. The voicer was working on the 16' octave. The tone was wonderful.   I talked to them about pipe repair, voicing and tuning. Additionally, I sought their advice on regulating the pallet valves within my Aeolian chests.   Filled with inspiration, I returned home to face my swell chest that was = in the pallet regulation process after totally releathering all 13 ranks. With the aid of my son who is home for Christmas break, we now have the swell almost fully assembled. More importantly, we have totally disassembled the great/choir duplex chest and moved it from my garage = where it has been for four years.   Now all chests are in the new music room and shop, and the garage actually has cars in it. What a waste of good space. Within a few days, all leather and gaskets will be removed from this 8 rank duplex chest. We = plan to have this chest finished by March.   The completed Harp and chimes are mounted high on the back walls, the = three ranks of pedal pipes are on two chests, the swell will be closed up next week, and the open diapason will be too. Even with all this work, the theme song of this old 3/34 Aeolian is still "Silent Night".   Next month, the local chapter of the AGO is meeting here to view my project. I have no idea what we're going to do. I guess we play some of the reproducing pianos.   Christmas Eve service at my church was filled with music and song. The E. M. Skinner, 4/53 was wonderful. I was inspired. Maybe next Christmas we can listen to Opus 1280 play a roll of Archer Gibson's "Christmas = Fantasy". So I'd better get busy.   Bob Taylor, Happy Holidays!