DIYAPASON-L Digest #518 - Friday, February 15, 2002
Re: [Residence Organs]  2nd try..  Measuring mouth height or  cutup of Ge
  by "Eric Sagmuller" <>
residence organ
  by "Gary Black" <>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] 2nd try.. Measuring mouth height or cutup of Gedackt From: "Eric Sagmuller" <> Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 07:57:16 -0500   Thanks Al. I had a feeling that the pipes would act as though they have a slightly lower cutup, but just wasn't sure how one would measure it then. My first 12 pipes of the 8' octave have a sunken languid. For a time I've known that these pipes have too low a cutup and sound is very quinty with little fundamental. What it the best way to cut up the upper lip, and how much of a bevel or edge should be reapplied after they are raised?   Thanks, Eric     At 11:23 PM 2/14/2002 -0500, you wrote: >Sorry for some reason the text did not transmit with the last posting. > >Mouth height is measured from the lower lip to the upper lip. Languids = with >a vertical edge above the lower lip are not included in the calculations = but >do effect the wave motion of the windsheet so that the pipe operates as = if it >had a slightly lower cutup. > >Best to the list, > >Al Sefl > >DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own >Residence Pipe Organs. >HOMEPAGE : >List: >Administration:    
(back) Subject: residence organ From: "Gary Black" <> Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 21:56:46 -0600   Hi list, Some progress at last! I have the Estey 8' open diapason = playing (finally) on the organ here at home. The pipes are somewhat in tune after having last been tuned in 1967, dismantled, stored for 30 years, moved again, cleaned and polished and now onto use. Gary