DIYAPASON-L Digest #519 - Saturday, February 16, 2002
making DE valves
  by "Christopher Sabatowich" <>
Hinners pedal action
  by "Gary Black" <>

(back) Subject: making DE valves From: "Christopher Sabatowich" <> Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:49:11 -0500   Dear list, As you already may know, I am building a three rank home practice = organ. The organ at this time will have 207 pipes as follows: 16' Bourdon (12 pipes, extension of Gedeckt) 8'-4' Gedeckt (73 pipes) 8' Labial Saxophone (61 pipes) 8' Dulciana (61 pipes, to be acquired)   There is no way I'm willing to pay one of the large supply houses an = average of $5/valve, or roughly a grand for the entire set of direct electric (solenoid) valves. So, considering that I have access to a metal shop, connections with a local hardware store (for 28 AWG magnet wire at a deep discount since a friend is an employee and the wire is a veritable pain to sell in any other measure than by the spool), and a Dremel rotary tool, I probably should give making the valves a serious chance. I bought one DE style valve from a local organ builder to copy the basic design. So, = before I go and spend a smaller pile of cash and many hours building these = valves, has anybody working solo tried something similar? Anyone willing to share their success and horror stories with making magnets? I've already built several solenoids, but neither of the two prototypes specifically built = for the organ have worked. Then again, very of the first thousand lightbulbs Edison built lasted for more than a few seconds. Do many of today's organ builders predominantly put together parts ordered from a supply house according to their own designs, or do they = build a lot of the organ from raw materials (e.g. ingots or sheets of metal for making pipes)? That is, for a price, Baron Bachorgel could order enough parts from a supply house and hire an organ builder or a college student = to put everything together instead of fabricating most of the organ from scratch so that he may have an organ in his castle. After visiting the cramped shop of a local builder in an industrial park, it seems to me that the days of doing everything yourself depicted in Barnes' "The = Contemporary American Organ" are probably gone. There were no cauldrons of pipe metal bubbling, no piles of tanned hides waiting to be cut into pouches and regulators, nor any facilities for winding magnets, yet organs were built here. That visit really redefined in a better, more precise manner what = an organ builder does. So, what components most organ builders build themselves and what components most organ builders would pass off to a specialist (e.g. pipe maker) or a supply house to supply?   Sincerely, Christopher Sabatowich      
(back) Subject: Hinners pedal action From: "Gary Black" <> Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:55:27 -0600   Hi list, I have a 1922 tubular pneumatic pedal action from a Hinners = Organ. I am willing to trade for an 8' trumpet. lol Just kidding. Anyone who needs this action can have it for free; let me know, you can come and pick it up and we can exchange residence organ horror stories. Gary