DIYAPASON-L Digest #528 - Tuesday, March 5, 2002
Reisner Model RSC100 Swell Controller
  by "Eric Sagmuller" <>

(back) Subject: Reisner Model RSC100 Swell Controller From: "Eric Sagmuller" <> Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 12:45:13 -0500   Hello friends,   My! I think it's been entirely too quiet on this list lately so I'll post = a question.   Does anyone have any experience with a Reisner RSC100 swell controller. This is an electronic/motorized swell shade engine from the 60's or possibly early 70's I believe.   I have one of these and hooked it up a couple weeks ago to test it out. = The thing seems to work ok while it is moving, but when stopped it makes a nasty buzzing sound. I checked some of the capacitors, etc. but without a schematic couldn't go very far. At this point I wonder if this was = somewhat normal for these things. It uses an AC shaded pole motor with some additional coils for control. A very ancient design indeed. I was hoping = to use this thing but now might have to look elsewhere. I really don't want = to go to a large pneumatic engine though. Maybe I can convert it to a modern design. But I really don't have the time.   So anyone have any advice to give on this thing? Yea I know, "Junk it"! Which I may end up doing.   Thanks and hope all are enjoying their projects.   Eric