DIYAPASON-L Digest #533 - Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Re: relays and such
  by "Larry Chace" <>
Pipe Organ Parts for sale
  by "John & Pat Ball" <>
Re: [Residence Organs]  Pipe Organ Parts for sale
  by "John Vanderlee" <>

(back) Subject: Re: relays and such From: "Larry Chace" <> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:22:41 -0500   "Christopher Sabatowich" <> outlined = his plans for a switching system for his residence organ. There are of course *many* possible approaches to such a design, but I'd like to make a few comments.   The use of logic gates (2-input AND in this case) requires pull-down resistors on the inputs so that the inputs are "off" when the key or stop is not being used; for 74LS devices, this is something like .3ma per input to be sunk, and when played, the key or stop contacts will have to supply current to overwhelm the pull-downs. (The contacts will also enjoy having a few milliamps of current to switch so that they stay "clean".) With = 74LS devices, it is perhaps more common to use "negative" inputs, in which a pull-up resistor keeps the input "off" except when the switch contact closes, pulling it to ground. However, that would require the use of NOR gates in this case.   Merging the outputs from 74LS devices usually requires additional components; you can't just wire them in parallel (unless they are of the "open collector" type). Diodes can work in this fashion, but you then = have to provide pull-downs (again) in case none of the diodes is conducting.   Power transistors often require a fairly hefty base (input) current to = make them turn on fully; you need to make sure that the driving logic can produce sufficient current. The magnets should also be provided with fly-back diodes so that the transistors won't be damaged by the inductive kick-back when the magnet is turned off. I'd be tempted to use the very common ULN2003 (or ULN2004) instead, even if I'd use only a couple of the = 7 drivers per part.   In general, I've found that CMOS logic gates are much easier to use, = either the 74HC series (+5v) or the older 4000 series (+12v). They take "no" current at their inputs and have other nice properties. I won't use TTL logic again (with the exception of 74F stuff when tremendous speed is needed and I'm not able to use the newer very fast CMOS parts because they are available only in surface-mount packages).   Circuit boards onto which the logic gates will be mounted are mentioned by Chris, but he doesn't mention how he will make them. Making one board, perhaps by wire-wrap, isn't a big deal, but trying to make a bunch of them (and get them all correct!) is something else. With time and patience, it can be done. Personally, I don't have that much of either any more, and = so I'd spend the money to have the bare circuit boards fabricated to my design. I've used AP Circuits (, who also provide a freeware version of Protel's Easytrax (PC only!), but you have = to learn to do board layouts and you have to pay to have the boards made!   Let me suggest another approach that might work, something that I did many years ago for a proposed switching system for a small-ish organ. The idea was to have 12 circuit boards (plus a 13th as a spare!), one for each of the 12 note-letters. On that board I placed the logic for the coupler and unification as well as the (MOSFET) power transistors for driving the magnets. (There were no off-unison borrows, so there were no inter-board connections). The idea of making 12 identical boards seemed less daunting than making several hundred (smaller) ones.   (Ultimately, I adopted a different plan for this system, retaining the single-note-letter logic but fitting *one* such example with multiplexing on its input and de-multiplexing on its output, so as to share that one logic unit among the 12 note-letters.)   All in all, there is a balance to be struck between time and money. If = you have lots of time, you can save money (but you'll spend time). If you = have lots of money, you can buy the results of someone else's time. (This same comment applies to *all* aspects of our residence pipe organ projects!)   Larry Chace          
(back) Subject: Pipe Organ Parts for sale From: "John & Pat Ball" <> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:37:09 -0500   I'm offering for sale my lifetime collection of pipe organ ranks and organ building materials. This collection is available for viewing most any = time. The sale terms are as is, where is, and the asking price is $20,000. The total volume probably exceeds 3000 ft3 so plan on a big truck and some labor. If you live too far to have a look I can probably email some pictures. Here is the inventory as I remember it.   from Lewis&Hitchcock, Rockville Presbyterian 8' Diapason 97 2' Diapason 61 16' Bourdon - L-mitered + chest 97 8' Oboe 73 8' Aeoline 73 Electronic Chimes 25   from Lewis&Hitchcock, Silver Spring Episcopal 8' Diapason - L-mitered 97 16' Melodia - L-mitered 97 4' Gemshorn - new 73 8' Viola - U-mitered 73   from Teller (from Rockville home) 8' St. Diapason 85 8' Dulciana 73 4' Harmonic Flute 73 8' Cornopean 61 8' Aeoline 73 4' Violine 73 8' Salicional 73 4' Pedal Gemshorn 45 4' Vox Celeste 61   from Centerville Baptist 8' Open - wood ? 8' Dulciana ? 16' Bourdon 32 8' Melodia - wood ? 8' Salicional ? 8' Vox Celeste ? Chime 25   from Hook & Hastings, Walker Chapel, Arl, VA 4' Principal great 85 2' 15th great (Super-octave 2') 2 2/3' 12th great (Twelfth 2 2/3') 2' 15th swell (Sifflote) MIX III swell 61 MIX III great 61+61+61 MIX IV great 61? 16' Bourdon ? 8' Gedeckt swell 53 + 8 8' Rohr Fl swell (4' Holtz Fl) 65? 8' Rohr Flute great (Bourdon) 2' Har Fl swell (Nazard 2 2/3') 61 2' Principal swell (Block Flute) 61 8' Trompette - new, great 8' Trompette new, swell 61 2' Trompette - new, great 61 Chimes swell and pneu action   from Ron Hodges, Asheville, NC Dolce Cornet (MixIV) 61*4 4' Flute D'Amour 61 4' Melodia 61 8' Clarinet 61 4' Vox Humana 61   from Stratton Residence ca.1965 (via St. Peter's Epis Church in the Woods) 8' Diapason 85 16' Concert Flute 97 8' Doppleflute 73 4' Har Flute 73 8' Trumpet 73 8' Oboe 61 8' English Horn 61 8' Clarinet 73 8' Viol D'Orchestre (Sal) 73 8' Echo Salicional 61 8' Vox Celeste 49 Glockenspiel 16 Chimes and pneu action 21 NOTE: Almost all ranks have toe and rack boards and pins NOTE: All ranks stored in dry, secure sheds (most woods and reeds stored indoors) NOTE: All ranks except large woods and bases stored in pipe boxes NOTE: Pipes are not beat up, mostly just the usual tuning dings and = storage sags NOTE: Pipes are voiced on low pressure mostly 3 1/2" to 4"   Miscellaneous Everett Orgatron 5-voice reed chamber and blower (no console) Degan Chimes ca 1950 20 (no action) (top F missing) Allen TC-1 Organ (with ckt dwg) pedal, bench (two weak notes need new capacitors) Allen TC-1 Rotating speaker cabinet and amp Allen TC-1 Base speaker cabinet and amp   Spencer Blower 3/4 hp Cast chamber blower 3/4 hp (similiar to B.O.B.) Cast chamber blower 3/4 hp (similiar to B.O.B.) B.O.B 3/4 hp blower Spencer blower 5hp (motor has no windings, bearings only)   32 x 32 Reservoir (like new) 32 x 48 Reservoir (like new) 32 x 40 Reservoir (like new) 32 x 48 Reservoir (like new) 32 x 32 Reservoir (like new) Swell Shades mounted in frame Swell Shades mounted in frame Swell shades loose w/o felt   Approx 65 dual-magnet stop tabs Approx 35 ranks of magnets (mostly new style Reisner, few old and few = Klan) About 4 pedal wood chests About 3 small chests   Hook & Hastings 3 manual console, light wood , 3 kbds, bench, pedal, toe studs, etc. (empty, ready for your action) Carpeted roller platform for the Hook& Hastings console   7 modern power supplies, Durst and Organ Supply 2 pneu shade motors 2 pneu tremolos 3 spare keyboards Oak bench with raising mechanism (no back) Large quantity of organ wood cut from pedal pipes Large quantity of organ wood About 12 12" speakers taken from Allen rotating speaker cabinets About 6 tweeters taken from Allen rotating speaker cabinets Allen Rotating Speaker cabinet with amplifier and rotation controller Misc pipe soldering materials Misc organ screws Misc electronic components Misc organ books      
(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Pipe Organ Parts for sale From: "John Vanderlee" <> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:44:40 -0800   > If you live too far to have a look I can probably email some >pictures. Here is the inventory as I remember it. So where DO you live?   john V