DIYAPASON-L Digest #536 - Saturday, March 16, 2002
stoplist for Opus 2 available for critique (x-post)
  by "Christopher Sabatowich" <>

(back) Subject: stoplist for Opus 2 available for critique (x-post) From: "Christopher Sabatowich" <> Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 21:44:05 -0500   Dear lists, I am just about ready to start the design of the relay. I would = like hear suggestions on cleaning up the stoplist so that it contains the essentials for Bach and church organ without being excessive for a home organ. I am aiming at a stoplist that will suffice until either two more ranks (Oboe and a string) or a Swell organ and box are added. Since = either option would take up more than the allowed space, three ranks will have to suffice for now. So, let the bellows deflate and the opinions rise! The Labial Saxophone is a Gamba with such a strong reedy = characteristic that a fellow organist (who knew I was buying this string) identified it = as a reed several times over the phone. The phone probably had something to = do with his perception of the stop since there are filters on the phone lines that optimize voice transmission. I am not parting with the Labial = Saxophone at any price or for any trade because it is a Gottfried stop (since it has his bar notation for octaves) and because it makes a nice facade and a pleasant sound. In one of the plans for the relay, four or eight total uses of a pipe would be ideal since each 4086 AND-OR-Invert can handle on its own four key/stop combinations. I would like to use a diode-matrix since it sounds like it is low cost and expandable, but my web searches for information on diode matrices seem to suggest that the diode matrix would be a quick = route to Blockwerk if the organ is unified as much as my organ is. What's the recipe for a diode matrix in a highly unified organ?   Thanks, Christopher Sabatowich   Opus 2 Resources 16' Bourdon (97 pipes) 8' Dulciana(1-12 Haskelled Aeoline, 13-73 Dulciana) 4' Labial Saxophone (73 pipes)   Ped. 16'-8' Bourdon GT to PED 8 SW to PED 8',4'   GT. 8'-4' Bourdon 8'-4'-2 2/3' Dulciana 8'(TC)-4' Labial Saxophone GT to GT 4' GT 8' OFF SW to GT 8',4'   SW. 8'-4'-2 2/3' Bourdon 8'-4'-2 2/3'-2'-1 3/5' Labial Saxophone SW to SW 16', 4' SW 8' OFF   Revised March 16, 2002.