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(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Progress at last... From: "Mike Gettelman" <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 06:36:24 -0400   Hi John, I think it would be safe to say an announcement about the establishment of your website to this list would be most welcomed by the general membership. Please flame me all to heck if I am speaking out of line here, and I shall remain ever silent thereafter. :-)   Cheers Mike   Mac Hayes wrote:   > John Haskey wrote: > > ... I'm pleased to report that construction has finally > > begun on the music room ... If anyone is interested in the > > gory details of construction in the People's Republic of > > Santa Cruz County drop me an email and I'll let you know > > when the pages are up. > > If it involves gore, sure; let me know when they are ready. > > Mac Hayes > Rosamond > > DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own > Residence Pipe Organs. > HOMEPAGE : > List: > Administration:    
(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Console Wiring From: "randy newman" <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 09:52:17 -0400   Drew,   Sounds like you need a relay. Its going to depend on what type of chests = you have. If they are unit chests where there is one magnet for each note, you will definitely need at least stop switches to = turn the individual ranks on an off. But that would require running lots of wires to the underkey contacts which can be a real = pain. If they are straight chests with no borrows or duplexing, you could just run run a cable from each keyboard to the = primary action on the chest. Then just switch the stop action from the stop controls.   I once saw a residence organ that used unit chests where the owner ran all = the note magnets from the same notes on a chest together. He then wired these via one wire to a single keyboard contact. = To turn on the stops he just switched the common for that rank on and off. I'm definitely not recommending to do it that way = and it could be a fire hazard if you have too much current going through one wire, but it worked.   -Randy       Drew Taylor wrote:   > Fellow Listusers, > I have a small residence organ project going on and I have = reached the stage where the wiring becomes very > complex. I have one rank fully operational and it is wired directly to = the keyboard, nothing too complicated. Now that I > am adding more ranks, I'm not quite sure how they -should- be wired in. = The manuals have ancient 1930s wiring that > needs to be replaced. > > Should I wire each note in each rank to its own respective contact? I = have 9 contacts per key in the manuals and am > building only 6 ranks. If I do that, how would the couplers be wired? > > I'm not using any computerized control systems, just old fashoned = straight wiring. Can somebody out there provide any > wiring diagrams of a typical console or explinations that would help = before I start the rewiring? I have electrical > experience so technical speak is not a problem. > > Any help is much appreciated! > > -Drew > > DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own > Residence Pipe Organs. > HOMEPAGE : > List: > Administration:    
(back) Subject: Re: Console Wiring From: <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:06:37 EDT   Greetings Drew:   Your specifications determine how you should wire the keyboard contacts. = I maintained the Robert Morton in the Marina Theatre in San Francisco until = its removal after 73 years of faultless service. It was a unified theatre = organ with contacts under each key that acted like the contacts on a relay. By using just one contact per key for a stop you can isolate the individual ranks for a unit action. With 9 contacts you could have a feed wire and 8 =   individual stop contacts that would go to a stop switch of 61 notes, 73 notes, 85 notes, or 97 notes. Thus you could have a bit of unification on =   your 6 ranks but not much. Diode splitters would increase the amount of stops you could have by providing isolation which would allow one contact = to serve several stops switches. This would allow you to have many unified stops from the keys. You would however have a lot of wiring to do but it would be inexpensive.   So, your first step is to write out your specifications then start = planning the wiring for them. In a bare bones straight system you could gang = several contacts together for extra current capacity and then just feed the = magnets directly using just one stop switch of 61 notes for each rank. I have = seen examples of just lifting the ground return to turn off ranks with no use = of stop gang switches but do not like this approach myself.   Best wishes,   Al Sefl     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ << Should I wire each note in each rank to its own respective contact? I have 9 >contacts per key in the manuals and am >building only 6 ranks. If I do that, how would the couplers be wired? >I'm not using any computerized control systems, just old fashoned = straight wiring. >Can somebody out there provide any >wiring diagrams of a typical console or explinations that would help = before I start >the rewiring? I have electrical >experience so technical speak is not a problem. >Any help is much appreciated! >-Drew >>  
(back) Subject: Re: Progress at last... From: <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:21:39 EDT   Hi John:   Rumor has it that you are including some traps! What will your instrument =   be? Are you going for classical or theatre, or somewhere in between? = Glad to hear of your progress, let me know what ranks you are looking for. I = have a lot of free stuff to give away to make room in my storage areas! Do you =   have a shopping list of what you need?   And, if you think you are having trouble with the People's Republic of = Santa Cruz County, you should try to deal with the People's Republic of Berkeley =   where I have a client who has spent 6 years in litigation to allow an = organ into an existing space within a home. From ecology impact reports to building code nuances the process has been painful, slow, and EXPENSIVE! = In order to get an organ my client may have to move.   Best wishes to you,   Al Sefl   PS: Do you still want those Aeolines? An idiot dropped a chest across = some of the basses so now you will have some body and fender work on what was a =   pristine rank but they are all still there.  
(back) Subject: Introduction From: "Jonathan Reese" <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 14:37:26 -0400   Allow myself to introduce myself to the list.   My name is Jonathan Reese, and I was about 12 years old living in CT = when I caught the strange disease we all have. I am now 27 and living = in Boston. I work in finance, play hockey, and play electric bass. My = main band is very busy, so I'm limited to playing organ only about twice = a month these days. That will change soon... One thing that is very = interesting is that I lived about 200 yards away from E.M. Skinner's = house at 130 Beacon St. while I was in college. Also, I moved to South = Boston recently and realized that one of E.M.'s factories was one block = from my apartment! It is now a restaurant/bar. Coincidence or fate??   The first year or so after I was infected were spent reading Audsley, = Barnes, etc., and experimenting with various homemade pipes and vacuum = cleaners in the basement. (we've all been there!) On the other side of = the console, I tinkered with the piano but was really itching to study = organ. I auditioned for private study with a Yale grad in New Haven, = and he agreed to teach me even though I only had very limited experience = with the piano. The material I played at the audition was too difficult = for someone as inexperienced as I - and he knew that the only reason I = pulled it off was because I loved the instrument so much. =20   I am a huge Skinner fan. I had most of my lessons at Christ Church in = New Haven, which has a beautiful 3M Skinner. Occasionally, I'd be lucky = enough to get some time at Woolsey Hall. (Wow.) I just played a = wedding for a friend at First Pres in Longview, TX (A-S op. 1174, 1951). = That instrument has an inspiring 'full' sound. I am also a regular = attendee at Trinity Copley's Friday noontime concerts here in Beantown. = They've got a 1924 E.M. in the gallery and a 1960 Harrison A-S in the = chancel. Awesome! =20   The inevitable happened when I was about 15 - planning and collecting = parts for an organ in my parents' house. I put in about 3 years of work = on the thing, whenever I could find time to take out of the life of a = normal high school kid. Then I went away to college and the project was = abandoned. A pile of pipe trays has owned a corner of my folks' cellar = since then!=20   Recently I've started work up again. I've thrown away some of the parts = which really seemed like they had been made by a high school kid, = quality-wise. I've revised the spec a little bit, and now I work on it = whenever I can. Someone in the archives I just read gave some good = advice - be detail-oriented. Good suggestion. I want everything to be = very well made, as I plan on having this thing for the rest of my life. =     POS (I) Holz Gedackt 8 Rohrflote 4 Principale 2 Quint 1 1/3   SOLO (I) Viola 8 Viola Celeste 8 Double Trumpet 16 (8) Trumpet 8 Vox Humana 8   GRT (II) Gedackt 16 (pos) Open Diapason 8 Rohrflote 8 (pos, gedackt 1-12) Octave 4 Super Octave 2 (4) Mixture II 1 1/3 Trumpet 8 (solo)   SWL (III) Geigen 8 (wood) Melodia 8 Flute d'Amour 4 Nazard 2 2/3 (2) Doublette 2 Tierce 1 3/5 (2) Fagotto 16 (8) Oboe 8   PDL Contre Basse 16 (swl)=20 Bourdon 16 Gedackt 16 (pos) Octave 8 (grt) Flute 8 (16) Flute 4 (16) Trombone 16 (solo) Fagotto 16 (swl) Trumpet 8 (solo) Fagotto 8 (swl)   summary: 8' Gedackt 4' Rohrflote 2' Principale 1 1/3' Spitzquint (the first four ranks came from an Italian-made = 1-manual tracker organ, voiced on 1 7/8"!) 8' Diapason (Casavant, 1931, from a synagogue in Brooklyn, linen lead) 4' Diapason (Moller??, spotted) 8' Melodia (builder unknown, 1863) 4' Flute d'Amour (builder unknown, feet stamped "Aug. '07") 8' Viola (w/Haskells 1-12) 8' Oboe (Austin, from a RC church in Norwalk, CT)   Need to find: 16' Oboe 1-12 16' Trumpet 1-73 16' Bourdon (1-56) 8' string (for celeste) 8' vox mutation rank (unified to 2 2/3, 2, and 1 3/5)   planning to build (??): 16' gedackt 1-12 16' violone 1-73 (depending on what kind of house I can afford in 5 = years!)   direct electric action A critique of this spec is more than welcomed - it is encouraged! = (Things are still very much in the early stages.)   I realize this is long-winded, but when I was reading through the = archives I certainly did not mind reading long, detailed descriptions - = I hope everyone feels the same way!   thanks, Jonathan Reese  
(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Re: Progress at last... From: "John Haskey" <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 12:40:11 -0700 (PDT)       Al Sefl asked about my plans for the organ especially in light of the fact that he has 'heard' that I was looking for some traps! Well, let me say that I'm leaning toward a classical instrument but think it would be 'neat' to include some traps for fun. I already have a Chrysoglott to add to the mix. Since I plan on console + computer control the extras will add some variety. And hey! It's a hobby after all, let's not get *too* serious.   As far as a shopping list, I was remarking to another lister that as of now I've spent more on storage of organ parts than I spent to originally acquire them. So until I can actually move some stuff out of storage and into the room I don't want to 'acquire' any more stuff. But the offer of the Aeolines is still tempting...   ---john.    
(back) Subject: Concert Announcement - Santa Cruz, CA From: "John Haskey" <> Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 12:52:21 -0700 (PDT)     Every year Preston Boomer opens his 'kingdom' to the public for a summer organ concert. 'Boomeria' is a pretty much indescribable place that features a pretty impressive (if quirky) pipe organ. If you are at all close to the area I would urge you to make an attempt to attend.   The featured artist is Charles Rus who is well known in the San Francisco area. The concert itself is on Sunday July 7th at 4:00pm. There is a 'map' to location at:   (you can type the address into mapquest or somesuch to see less abstract version)   There is more information on the organ at:   There is more information on Boomeria at:   ---john.   (I'll probably be wearing a PIPORG-L t-shirt if you want to try and find me at the concert.)