DIYAPASON-L Digest #694 - Saturday, November 30, 2002
Organ progress
  by "Kelvin Smith" <>

(back) Subject: Organ progress From: "Kelvin Smith" <> Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 16:29:22 -0700   Hi,   I have made a bit of progress on my organ lately. There were a number of things which I had been meaning to do for a long time and then I bought a new set of couplers from Organ Supply and that got me started   There were originally 21 couplers on the console, and I kept it at that number, but I eliminated all the 16 couplers and most of the 4's and made space for 4 percussion tabs and 4 blanks. (The percussions are harp and chimes which I made available on 2 keyboards each.) The old couplers, = along with the drawknobs are pneumatically powered and since my console is on a moveable platform, I had to put a blower in the console. It's just a = little one and has its limitations and makes a little noise (thanks to lots of padding). This is a step in the direction of eliminating it. The new couplers are quieter, more reliable and have the right things written on them. (I wrote on some of the old ones with marker to change what they = did.)   Then I decided to make some changes to the way the my Artisan Control System worked. There is an odd little switch which used to signal the pastor and I was using it to activate the crescendo programming feature. But my children liked to push it, which resulted in some unexpected = changes when I didn't realize it was on. There was also a keyswitch which used to turn on the organ which I haven't been using. So I set it up so that the keyswitch had to be on to program the crescendo and the masks for the combinations (used to make them into divisionals or generals) and also to set the pistons on memory level zero. I will keep it set up with standard things and switch to other levels when I need something specific.   Then there was an all swells to swell provision on the console. There are = 3 expression pedals marked great, swell and choir. My great is unenclosed, but I thought of a way to make it work for the swell and choir, so I did that.   Then I had a chime volume control that I bought from Organ Supply months ago (a relay for computeized systems) and just today I finally got that hooked up. Since I had an extra expression pedal, I decided to use that = for the chimes. Most of the time I spent figuring out that my wiring was bad = to the potentiometer on the unused expression pedal. Finally I threw that cable away and found a different one, and then it worked. But it took all last night and most of this morning and I wasn't smiling the whole time.   Now I need to build a windchest...   Kelvin