DIYAPASON-L Digest #870 - Sunday, August 31, 2003
Phase Converters
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Organ Report - Stoplist in Stone
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(back) Subject: Phase Converters From: <> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 23:13:11 EDT   Guys,   I hate to keep beating on this horse, but I'm getting to a decision point here. I'm not re-posting this question because I don't trust the advice, = it's because I'm getting some conflicting advice from different people, all of = whom appear qualified to give advice in this area.   The specs for my motor are: 1826 Woods, 2 hp, 200v 3-phase motor. 1200 rpm, FLRA =3D 5.75   Below are some of the sites I've looked at. I think somebody in the archives. recommended the Grizzly converter.   The VFD recommended by Jack Hardman is turning out to be the most cost-effective to me right now.   <A = HREF=3D" 5199EF9-CF31-47EB-85D9-DAD10785576C&site=3Dgrizzly">Grizzly Phase = Converter</A> Model G5841 gid=3DE5199EF9-CF31-47EB-85D9-DAD10785576C&site=3Dgrizzly   <A HREF=3D"">Phase Perfect DPC-10   Phase-A-Matic - Model PAM-300 more specifically - quite inexpensive.   Ronkelectrical Phase Converter - Add-A-Phase for 2hp was around $728   Phase Conversion Technology Review</A>   I just found a site listing the Phase-Perfect converters. The Model = listed above is over $2000.   Anyway, I'd really appreciate some advice here. If it's going to cost a whole lot, then I might as well chunk my 3-phase blower and try to find a = used single phase one. I've almost run out of energy for the blower aspect of = my project, but I don't want to endanger my house just for the sake of = expedience.   Thanks, Keith    
(back) Subject: Organ Report - Stoplist in Stone From: <> Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 23:52:42 EDT   List,   Well, I've actually set some things into motion to get my organ project underway big time. I've said before that I will probably have to get some =   professional help (maybe even psychiatric by the time it's all over).   A couple weeks ago, I loaded up 12 pipe crates into the back of a U-Haul, = and my wife and I drove 10 hrs to Richard Schneider's shop in Kenney, Ill. During our visit with Rich and Joan, we visited one of Rich's organs in = Quincy, Ill, and a tracker in Farmer City. These two are featured on a CD of his entitled "A Tale of Two Organs". The tracker was my favorite.   The next day, we played around with some voicing of my pipes to see what could be done. He actually cut one of my "Octave" pipes thru the mouth = and resoldered it to lower the cut-up. I think it's going to come together = nicely.   Here is the stoplist of the organ when I brought it home:   GREAT: 8' Geigen Diapason 8' Melodia 8' Dulciana 4' Octave - unified to 4 - 2 2/3 - 2 - and mixture. 4' Harmonic Flute   These were originally 73 pipe ranks. The top octave of each were saved in = a box.   SWELL: 8' Stopped Flute - 85 pipes unified to the hilt. 8' Aeoline 4' Viol 8' Oboe 8' Vox in a Box   Our idea was to put the Viol back to the 8' pitch and to use the Dulciana = as the Celeste. The mouths were so narrow that we considered it more cost effective to find a matched pair of Salicional + Celeste from Rich's = inventory. The Aeoline will be cut down to a Terz 1 3/5. The Geigen Diapason will be moved to the Swell. The 8' Flute for the Great will come from a 4' Rohrflote from Rich's inventory using the bottom octave from my Melodia. The remainder of the Melodia will become the 4' Hohlflote - the 4' Great Flute. The 4' Octave will be cut to lower the cut up and will remain as the 4' Octave. Rich will find an 8' Open Diapason for the Great.   Anyway, here is the new stoplist:   GREAT: on 5 rank pitman chest 8' Principal - from Schneider inventory 8' Rohrflote - 1-12 from Melodia, 13-61 from Schneider inventory. 8' Salicional (from swell) 8' Celeste T.C. (from swell) 4' Octave - from original Octave, cut up lowered. 4' Hohlflote - from 13-73 of Melodia 2' Geigen principal - from Swell 8' Clarinet - from Schneider inventory. MIDI Swell to Great Great Unison Off   SWELL: on a few unit chests. 16' Bourdon - extension of Stopped Flute 8' Geigen Principal - formerly Great diapason 8' Stopped Flute - revoiced 8' Salicional - from Schneider inventory 8' Celeste T.C. - from Schneider inventory 4' Gengen principal - extension 4' Harmonic Flute - formerly Great Flute 4' Salicet - extension of Salicional 2 2/3' Nazard - extension of Stopped Flute 2' Harmonic Flute 1 3/5' Terz - from cut down Aeoline 16' Contra Oboe - extension of Oboe - need to find these. 8' Oboe 4' Haubois - extension MIDI Swell 4' Swell Unison Off   PEDAL: 16' Bourdon 8' Geigen principal - from Swell 8' Bourdon - from Swell 8' Salicional 4' Choral Bass - from Swell Geigen 4' Stopped Flute 2' Harmonic Flute 16' Contra Oboe - from Swell 4' Schalmei - from Swell Oboe MIDI Swell to Pedal Great to Pedal   So far, I'm leaning towards the Opus-Two switching system. I will be = selling off my relay panels. The MIDI capability for now will be used for sequencing. Maybe later I can add a sound module to have the MIDI voices = available to be played thru the organ.   I am installing some used SAMs that I purchased thru keyboardtrader.   I need to find the bottom octave of a 16' Contra Oboe.   I'm hoping that Rich will have the pipes finished - and I will have the chests hooked up - so that I can have the organ playing by Christmas.   Sincerely, Keith Zimmerman Commerce, Georgia