DIYAPASON-L Digest #928 - Wednesday, December 3, 2003
2/9 Practice Organ for Sale
  by "Larry Chace" <>

(back) Subject: 2/9 Practice Organ for Sale From: "Larry Chace" <> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 16:23:22 -0500   [Bob Wilhelm sent me the following note, and I thought it might be of some interest to someone seeking a "non-neo-baroque" instrument. Please = contact Bob at the e-mail address given below.   Larry Chace ]   If you've ever wished for a small practice pipe organ in your home this is an ideal opportunity for you. I've decided to sell my home pipe organ. For sale is a 2-manual, 9-rank pipe organ located in the basement of a townhome in Wilmington, Delaware. This instrument has all the basics needed to serve as the ideal practice instrument. It offers the possibility to be expanded and modified once installed to greatly increase its flexibility and usefulness.   The ranks are a 16' Tibia, 16' Concert Flute, 8' Concert Flute Celeste, = 16' Violin, 8' Violin Celeste, 8' Diapason, 8' Viola, 8' Trumpet, 8' Vox Humana. The blower is a 2 horsepower, 240VAC, single phase Kinetic (not the wooden box but the metal can design similar to a Spencer). Also to be sold with this instrument are 3 ranks of 8' Kimball strings along with other miscellaneous parts and maintenance items.   This instrument, once set up, will be low maintenance. If installed in a well insulated room with humidity and temperature control then tunings can be reduced to one or two a year. Of prime importance is the fact that = this instrument will fit in any room with a minimum 8-foot ceiling height and approximately 10' by 16' floor area. The existing low-pressure pipework was selected to have a low sound volume such that when playing full organ the sound pressure levels are approximately 88 dB in a 16' by 30' by 8' listening room.   The use of Peterson Direct Electric magnets driven by a Z-tronics = multiplex relay greatly reduces the maintenance issues related to the chestwork. Access to manual chest actions is through see-through smoked acrylic drop-in panels. Chest design is similar to Austin. Only the offset chests are of conventional electro-pneumatic design of several manufacturers. The use of a Z-tronics electronic relay provides reliability as well as the ability to modify/expand the specification. While the instrument does not currently include a combination action system, one can be added easily as all SAMs are wired = to Type-66 punchblocks (either a Z-tronics or Peterson would be easy to add).   The console has tablets for the addition of MIDI sounds and the electronic relay can easily accept electronic extensions if desired (with additional boards). The instrument includes 4 ranks with Haskell 8' octaves, three 16' stops, and chest space (no action or electronic relay parts) to add = two additional ranks).   With a little pre-planning this instrument can easily be removed by 6 knowledgeable adults and packed in a 14-foot rental moving truck in a long day. Once at its new location it can be set up and playing in a week or = so if it is not to be modified. The purchaser is responsible for the = complete and total removal of the instrument.   Photographs of the instrument along with the complete specification and additional information are available at the following web site:   All inquiries should be directed by email to Bob Wilhelm at: <wilhelmr@>