DIYAPASON-L Digest #752 - Saturday, February 15, 2003
Re: [Residence Organs]  Problems and solutions
  by "W. D. Heimer" <>
Re: [Residence Organs]  Problems and solutions
  by "Jane and Dave Whitmore" <>
Interim Project Update...
  by "John Haskey" <>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Problems and solutions From: "W. D. Heimer" <> Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 09:09:52 -0500   Yo' Daniel, Before you invest in a new rectifier you may want to try running your horn on an auto battery for test purposes. I ran my mine on = a battery from my boat 'till a rectifier fell into my hands at the right price. In my case it was a win/win situation. I'd play the organ for a while on Saturday, then tell She Who Must Be Obeyed that I had to charge = the battery, for the rest of the day I'd ride around the lake thus avoiding = the "honey do" list.   L8TER, Dave Heimer ----- Original Message ----- From: danielwh <> To: Residence Organ List <> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 9:49 PM Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Problems and solutions     > What kind of Astron rectifier would I need, what size,   > Administration: > >    
(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Problems and solutions From: "Jane and Dave Whitmore" <> Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 13:37:10 -0500   At 09:53 AM 2/14/03 -0800, you wrote: >> I dont plan on coupling but if I do learn how things work in the = future >>and probly do get a bigger power supply, I may think of doing something >>like that , Hopefully as a challenge, I just right now cant afford to = have >>any thing burn out as I have no income to replace stuff >> Danielwh >Although they're not specific "organ" supplies, there's a lot of surplus >power supplies out there from surplus electronic distributors. Often >pennies on the dollar. > > > > >Two as an example... > >MPJ has a 13.8 V - 20A regulated supply for 99.95 > >John V   These are all good tips from John. Also, try searching for "Astron" on = eBay and see what kind of a deal you can get on a 20, 30 or 50 amp supply. I'm running my 3 rank on Wicks with a 20 amp Astron (17 amps continuous, 20 peak) and it doesn't break a sweat. Usual caveats for dealing with eBay vendors apply.   Dave in Vermont where it's only -25F    
(back) Subject: Interim Project Update... From: "John Haskey" <> Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 20:36:44 -0800 (PST)     Greetings all,   I have prepared a brief look at what constitutes my Residence Organ Opus I. When you visit my page realize that this organ represents a proof of concept and is just a minor (well major since it's the first thing I've had playing) step on the road to my ultimate goal. There are a couple of .mp3 files for download. I'll try and put up some smaller clips later as the mp3's are fairly large. Also the bandwidth to the webserver isn't huge so if things seem sluggish please back-off and try again later. But I am quite excited to have something to experiment with.   ---john.