DIYAPASON-L Digest #821 - Sunday, June 1, 2003
Re: [Residence Organs]  Blower Padding
  by <Jack@HardmanFamily.Com>

(back) Subject: Re: [Residence Organs] Blower Padding From: <Jack@HardmanFamily.Com> Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 11:51:52 -0400   <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> <body bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF"> Problem solved! <p>God luck, <br>&nbsp; <p>Jack <br>&nbsp; <br>&nbsp; <p>Daniel Hopkins wrote: <blockquote TYPE=3DCITE><style></style> <font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;I had horse hair pads underneath my blower skids</font></font><font = face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;when the basement&nbsp; carpet got wet during a heavyrain, the pads soaked up the water and almost refused to dry, eventually they = did</font></font><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;the next time&nbsp; we had a heavy rain&nbsp; the same thing happened, but this time they started to mold, The mold refused to die</font></font><font = face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;It was a white fluffy mold. I used Strong bleach , and it continued to = grow</font></font><font face=3D"Arial"><font = size=3D-1>&nbsp;eventually&nbsp; desperate, I tried a fungicide called "Damp Off"&nbsp; used for root = cuttings</font></font><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;this killed the mold and it hasnt grown back since.</font></font><font = face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>&nbsp;But I was left with no padding under the blower. THe blower was noisy from the vibrations.needing to dampen the noise I was thinking of using rubber, but&nbsp; I decided to put a couple&nbsp; pieces of oak under neath and in between I used about 4 thicknesses of a somewhat firm carpet, The = blower no longer is noisy. In fact a Pipe Organ builder who visited me remarked of how quiet the blower was</font></font><font face=3D"Arial"><font = size=3D-1>&nbsp;the blower is a 1hp casavant blower 50 years old</font></font>&nbsp;<font = face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>Danielwh</font></font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>---</font></font> <br><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>Outgoing mail is certified Virus = Free.</font></font> <br><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>Checked by AVG anti-virus system = (<a = href=3D""></a>).</font></font> <br><font face=3D"Arial"><font size=3D-1>Version: 6.0.481 / Virus = Database: 277 - Release Date: 5/13/2003</font></font></blockquote>   </body> </html>