DIYAPASON-L Digest #773 - Tuesday, March 18, 2003
contact cleaning
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(back) Subject: contact cleaning From: <> Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 18:07:05 -0600   Hi DIYapason gang,   I have used the Caig Labs products with great results for contact cleaning for many years now. In the early years some use was on phosphor/bronze which was the material of many switch assemblies which were tasked with switching audio. We used an older product then called "Cramolin" which has been upgraded and replaced with "DeoxIT" . There was another product , the name escapes my aging brain cells at the moment, which has "morphed" into the "Pro-Gold" line. Since most audio and video switching is electronic today, we are more concerned with the logic switching which seems to use mostly gold or gold alloy contacts. There is some silver used, but I don't run into it often except when I get into switches for radio frequencies which are a unique series of devices anyway. The newer Caig products work well with gold/silver too. their web site ( has a lot of info that may help all the contact cleaning craftsmen out there.   More specific to Bob's question, I have not tried the Caig products on typical phosphor/bronze organ switches since my console began life as an electronic and has silver wire contacts. Some day when I can drop by, though, we can try it. I'll email you directly re: date/time and so on, = Bob.   On another subject of late, I too am interested in the results of adding electronic ranks to pipes. I'm running low on room for real pipes as the project goes along and I don't want to spoil the effort by crowding the pipes in. The old Allen analog I converted for pipe use has a fair = sounding diapason generator that might ( I thought) be used as a celeste string = with some foooling around with its voicing circuits. I imagine I'm opening myself up for some trouble keeping it in proper tuning relationship with the pipes, though. Anyone tried this ? P.S. I won't be at all offended if you tell me it's another hair-brained scheme. I have lotsa those !   Best of sucess with all your projects. I really enjoy reading your = postings on the list.   Lloyd Collins College Mound (way out in the woods) , Mo.