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Unknown Maker
  by "First Christian Church of Casey, Illinois" <>
RE: [Residence Organs]  Back on the list again
  by "Fredrick Brabson \(home\)" <>

(back) Subject: Unknown Maker From: "First Christian Church of Casey, Illinois" <> Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 13:44:22 -0500   FWIW, in my circles, "maker unknown" becomes GOK, as in "Diapason 8', GOK). GOK =3D "God Only Knows." ;>) Thanks to Rich Schneider for acquainting me with this major builder!   Dennis Steckley          
(back) Subject: RE: [Residence Organs] Back on the list again From: "Fredrick Brabson \(home\)" <> Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 22:14:52 -0400   Hi, Gary, and welcome back. I'm a newcomer to the list----and by the way, thank you to all who welcomed me on!----and am here also out of interest = in a theatre organ project. I'm just at the "getting information" stages of things, no ranks accumulated yet, no chests to releather, not even a = blower or reservoir, but I can share a little bit of what I have in mind. (Well, actually, there may be a nice 3-m Austin console on the way in the forseeable future; I s'pose it's a start!)   What I'd really like to end up with is a studio organ (home studio, not Radio City Studio!) of unit ranks, primarily of theatrical disposition, = but with the additional resources to complete a principal chorus up to at = least 2'---and possibly up through a nice little mixture---to allow for = reasonably successful performance of contrapuntal literature. On both "sides" of the coin, I want an instrument that I can enjoy; but I will admit that the classical side of the spec is primarily for practice.   If I had to lay out the tonal resources I'd like to have, they'd probably = be as follows:   8' Trumpet/Cornopean 8-4' Diapason (possibly with 16' extension, TBD) 8-2' Tibia Clausa or other big, hooty stopped flute with similar possibilities 8-2' String (on the spicy side) 8-4' String Celeste (likewise) 8' Clarinet 16-2' Open Flute (16 & 8' octaves stopped, of course; possibly harmonic in the upper half) 8' Vox Humana 4' Octave 2' Superoctave Tuned percussions, traps, and toys TBD---but there will be some!   If there is no 16' octave of the diapason, then I'd want to make sure the Bourdon has enough "oomph" to support a small diapason chorus; I'm also = not opposed to an electronic extension. On the wish list would be a celeste = for the flute and some sort of orchestral or piquant reed, either an orch oboe or musette---but not quite as bold as a kinura.   I don't plan to use the massive windpressures involved in an honest-to-God theatre organ, though up to 5 or 6" is anticipated, so there will be some real selection and regulation of pipework to do!   At least one person has suggested that organs attempting to satisfy both theatrical and classical specifications are unlikely to be successful. = Let me respond that I'm not trying to blend a Wurlitzer and a Silbermann; I = hope that's obvious. But I think this is a reasonable spec to satisfy the = sounds I'm seeking. It certainly fits the bill for many an organ from early in = the 20th century---and further fills out both its theatrical/orchestral and classical possibilities.   Finally, let me add that, like many on the list, I am discovering that I really enjoy the "chase" of all this. The learning process is a blast, = even if the organ never turns out as I might dream it up. Though I don't = expect to build this organ from scratch, I am particularly interested in the information in John DeMajo's article on building Wurlitzer-style = primariless chests; and as my shop becomes better equipped, I may well give it a shot! My next post will probably have some questions along these lines.   Thanks again to all who welcomed me, and welcome, Gary.   Freddie Knoxville, Tennessee   -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Kilgen Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 11:22 PM To: DIYAPASON-L Subject: [Residence Organs] Back on the list again         Hello;   I have re-joined this list now that I have home internet access again. My name is Gary and I am building a theatre style organ in my home. It is presently being built as a 3/11 but if I find a Kinura, it will be 12 = ranks. My organ project is about half done but there is lots of work to be done = yet before I will get my first musical notes out of it.   The console is a Moller three manual double bolster horseshoe style in = oak. It was originally installed in a Chicago church and has gothic style paneling. I recently bought a large collection of Moller colored stopkeys = to replace the church style stopkeys.   Ranks are as follows:   8' Tibia, early Barton, 12" WP, 85 pipes, on Barton style chest, regulated with a Wurlitzer 20 X 30 regulator and tremed with a large Wurlitzer trem. 8' Vox, (make unk), large scale fliptop style, 6" WP, 61 pipes, on Smith chest, regulated with 12 X 12 Moller regulator and tremed with a Moller beater trem.   Following Ranks on 4 rank Wurlitzer chest regulated to 8" WP using 30 X 40 three valve regulator (make unk) and tremed with large trem (make unk):   8' Tuba, Barton, 61 pipes. 8' salicional celeste, (Make unk), 61 pipes. 8' salicional, Barton, 73 pipes. 8' Clarinet, (Make unk), 61 pipes.   Following ranks on three rank Wurlitzer chest regulated to 10" WP using 30 = X 40 Marr&Colton regulator tremed with large Marr&Colton trem:   8' Diapason, (make unk), 73 pipes. 8' Violin, Wurlitzer, 73 pipes. 8' Concert flute, Wurlitzer, 85 pipes. (16' bourdon)   Following two ranks on Moller chest and (make unk) chest regulated to 5" = WP using 20 X 20 Kilgen regulator and small Kilgen trem:   8' Oboe, Kilgen 8' Gamba, Geo. Meyer   I plan to have four channels of MIDI out from the console and all traps an percussions will be electronic including an electronic 16' tuba, 16' diaphone and 8' post horn. My chamber size will not allow these additional voices/sounds to be real.   I hope at some future date, to create a web page that will have pictures = of my project.   Gary K.   DIYAPASON-L: a Discussion list for owners and builders of their own Residence Pipe Organs. HOMEPAGE : List: Administration: