DIYAPASON-L Digest #901 - Sunday, October 12, 2003
My organ project
  by "Kilgen" <>

(back) Subject: My organ project From: "Kilgen" <> Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 12:35:06 -0500   Hello again group;   Thank you Freddie for sharing your project plans and to all others on this group for your input and advice.   I presently am in the process of installing the 8' tuba bases and 8' diapason bases. My original plan was to install both sets of bases on a front and back 24 note chest but when I started just putting things in = place to see how they fit, I realized that things would just barely fit and = would be kind of awkward so I opted to eliminate the 8' diapason bases and use electronics for those notes. I sure hope when it comes time to engineer = the electronic voices phase of my project, that the resulting tone will be adequate and not sound overly out of place from the real pipes.   I felt that for a theatre type organ, it would be better to have the real = 8' tuba bases installed over the diapason bases. My original tuba bases are Barton and are factory mitered to only 3' tall however because of the = width the resonators in their mitered state take up, I opted to replace them = with another set of bases that are not mitered. I have the ceiling height but floor space is limited.   Another engineering task coming up is to get my big Moller console moved into my little listening room. The console is 44" wide and will not be = able to pass through the door. The door in question is old and warrants replacing. What I plan to do is to buy a new door and in the process of installing it, I will temporarily widen the opening, roll the console = inside and then install the new door.   Gary K.