DIYAPASON-L Digest #883 - Thursday, September 18, 2003
Aeolian chests available
  by "Larry Chace" <>
Aeolian Opus 1759
  by "Alwyn V. H. Farey-Jones" <>

(back) Subject: Aeolian chests available From: "Larry Chace" <> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:05:11 -0400   The manual windchests for Aeolian opus #993 (1905) are available, having been replaced with new OSI electric slider chests. These two chests were = in use but had some failing notes and probably should be releathered. They are complete with their primary actions and rackboards but do not have legs. Both are diatonic ventil chests with the basses in the center ("A" format); they are straight, not duplexed. Some bass pipes were = conductored off and located at the treble ends (but their actions are in the proper locations). The chests have been removed from the organ chamber and are located at ground level. They probably weigh about 400 pounds each (but that is a guess, based on the efforts of four strong men lifting and carrying them).   The ranks were in the following order, starting at the back side and working towards the primary action side.   Great: 61 notes, about 31" wide, 100" long, and 12" deep (28" including = the hang-down primary) 8' Dulciana (Viola Pomposa) 8' Diapason (Principale Grande, about 44sc) 8' Gemshorn (Viol d'Amour, about 8 stopped metal basses) 8' Melodia (Flauto Primo) 8' Trumpet (Tromba, about 3" at CC) 8' Clarinet (Clarinetto, striking reeds, bells)   Swell: 61 notes, about 33-1/2" wide, 100" long, and 13" deep (including = the side-mounted primary) 8' Violin Diapason (about 48sc) 8' Stopped Diapason (Flauto Lotano, *not* a chimney flute) 8' Salicional (about 56sc) 8' Voix Celeste (tc, about 60sc equivalent) 8' Aeoline (about 8 stopped wooden basses, about 68sc) 4' Harmonic Flute 8' Oboe 8' Vox Humana (toe board has *no* holes -- rank never installed)   The chests are located in a church near Cortland, NY, between Binghamton and Syracuse. The church board has indicated that the chests are free to another church or similar institution or for a "donation" to private individuals. They would also like to have the chests removed from the = back of the sanctuary "soon".   I also have some digital photos of the chests and would be happy to try to answer your questions about them. Please reply directly to me:   Larry Chace <>      
(back) Subject: Aeolian Opus 1759 From: "Alwyn V. H. Farey-Jones" <> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 11:15:58 -0400   The Community Synagogue here in Sands Point, NY is planning to get rid of their 3/19 Aeolian Opus 1759 to accomodate substantial building = alterations. Although I live in Sands Point and am currently looking for a 3 manual organ, I have decided that this instrument is really too much for me to attempt to undertake. The organ has not played for years and the pipe = work has very substantial damage.   While the Synagogue may be hoping for a substantial payment for the organ, = I think they will be realistic when the time comes for it to go to the dump.   If anyone would like to be put in touch with the Synagogue administrator, please reply to me here.   Alwyn Jones