DIYAPASON-L Digest #935 - Thursday, January 1, 2004
  by "Robert W. Taylor" <>
2-manual roll-top romantic console for sale
  by <>

(back) Subject: 2004 From: "Robert W. Taylor" <> Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 09:52:09 -0600   The combination of morning coffee and email, plus the new year, inspired = me to jot down some goals for 2004 and post them to this list. With no shortage of options, I decided to focus on my ongoing projects, to = complete them, and limit the new projects to important and interesting tasks.   Leading the list, will be the rewiring of my relay. For this task, I have already arranged for some local EE students to help. They will also be on hand to rewire the console. My evolvement with the rebuilding the duplex great/choir chest nears completion as the last of eight pallet rails in being regulated now. I never want the see the inside of this chest again (wishful thinking).   So my short list of things to do is:   1. Finish the great/choir chest and hook it up. 2. Start the pipe voicing. 3. Finish the music room by installing cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms 4. Finish transcribing the 1400 roll collection to MIDI. 5. Move the 7' Mason & Hamlin to the music room and install organ interface 6. Host an open house before Christmas.   My coffee in now finished, and the above list overwhelms me, so I think I'll just watch football today.   Happy New Year   Bob Taylor      
(back) Subject: 2-manual roll-top romantic console for sale From: <> Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 15:27:42 EST   2-manual roll-top romantic console for sale   This console would be a great small organ project start. I am not able to =   identify the console builder. Controlling 5-6 ranks would be very easy. = All of the manual coupling and pedal coupling is already wired within the = console. 2-61 note keyboards & 30 note pedal board. Approx. 30 feet of cabling is =   wrapped within the console to your chests or small unit relay (which I = have and would include free). Built of very nice two-color stained oak including roll-top. Two foot pedals - swell and crescendo. Stored inside my home. = Two keyboard ivories are missing but easy to replace. Console size is width = 58"; Depth 33"; height 60" with music rack. $150 or best offer plus shipping. = (Offer, I need the space) Shipping is buyer's responsibility. Email for more information & high-resolution photos. Thank you.   Darren Ferreter Cedar Rapids Iowa