PipeChat Digest #25 - Thursday, August 7, 1997

(back) Subject: Re: Question re TO unification From: "Clifford N. Bohnson" <cbohnson@mosquito.com> Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 07:03:51 -0400   on Mon, 4 Aug 1997, CDKrug wrote: >>How about a digital control system w/ virtual "stops" that can be dynamically reprogrammed in real time?>>   Since Makin organs are now available with several alternate specifications on a single instrument, the problem has been how to show the actual stop-names on the drawknobs or tabs. One client has seriously questioned whether video touch-screen (such as is used in a number of restaurants for the wait-persons to order through to the kitchen) technology might not provide a feasible answer. A panel on each side of the console (or for each division), he argues, would provide a way to do this. As each alternate spec is selected, the actual stop-names on the display would change. Stops would be drawn simply by touching the stop-name on the screen. That stop-name would invert (colorwise) to show its "drawn" status. There would be no moving parts, and the actual stops available would always be shown. Our technology already allows dynamic reprogramming (as does Allen's, in theie new Renaissance series) in a limited fashion. Who knows how soon the imagined becomes the commonplace?!   -- CLIFFORD N. BOHNSON, President The Unicorn's Garden (representing Makin Organs of England [digital electronic] and ITC Pipe Organs of Jackson, New Jersey) http://www.mosquito.com/~unicorn/PAGE1.HTML    
(back) Subject: Prime Suspect TO From: Stanley E Yoder <syoder+@andrew.cmu.edu> Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:08:42 -0400 (EDT)   Last Sunday PBS aired another Jane Tennison whodunit, complete in two hours. At one point she journeys to Blackpool to interview an elderly woman, this partly done in a public area. And in the background audio of street noises, one can also hear a TO. Anyone else notice this? Presumably shot on location, thus authentic.     Stan Yoder Pittsburgh  
(back) Subject: Venice and Geneva -- historic instruments? From: topman <topman@zzapp.org> Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 16:07:28 -0300   I'll be in Geneva and Venice soon -- does anybody have information about pipe organs of note that should be seen and heard? What's at St. Mark's in Venice?   My internet searches have been frustrating to say the least.   Many thanks,   A.    
(back) Subject: Re: Organ Company Brochures From: KeithBWill@aol.com Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 18:17:32 -0400 (EDT)   Yes, I would be interested in finding out what you have. Thank you, Keith Williams, Carey Organ Co.  
(back) Subject: Re: Organ Company Brochures From: cremona84000@webtv.net (bruce cornely) Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 19:09:39 -0400   Brochures are dispatched! Sorry.   Bruce Cornely ============ o o o o ============== o o o ______________ o o o o o o ______________ o o o OHS ======================== AGO  
(back) Subject: Re: Death Valley Ranch Theatre Organ From: Nelson and Tracy Denton <ndenton434@bigwave.ca> Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 23:07:14     >It seems to me that "Scotty's Castle" was featured in the Theatre Organ >Magazine some years ago if I'm not mistaken. Also It seems to me that I >may have a old LP record floating around somewhere of the organ played by >someone like John Muri. >Duh? Now which one of the hundreds of magazines and lp's was it in?   signed Me   Well yo - yo you were half right. The record in question is called "Rex Koury plays the famous Scotty's Castle Theatre Organ" Circa 1975?   Sorry John to get you mixed up with Rex. :-)))   The Theatre Organ Mag's articles? were from about the same era if i'm not mistaken. - Still digging. The record is # 1130 from National Custom Recording Inc. 6331 Camelia Avenue, North Hollywood California. 91606   It was recorded back in the 70's so you may have trouble getting a copy.   According to the notes the organ was purchased in 1927 by J. H. Nuttall for the castle's owner Albert Johnson ( Scotty was his buddy and the Castle was named after him not the Johnson's. It started life as a 10 rank studio model in Philley and had 4 ranks plus percussions added when it was sold for the Castle. It had two roll players added a single roll player and a 10 roll player both from Welte. The organ was dedicated by Albert Hay Mallotte ( The Lords Prayer) in 1932. later in the 30's rain destroyed the 10 roll player and the player was later replaced by Lloyd Davey in 1940 with a Wurlitzer 6 roll changer. For many years a roll of Jesse Crawfords "Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life" was played for every tour group. It is now a 3 manual 15 rank organ with grand piano and 4 tuned percussions plus traps. As of the time of the album the organ had not received any significant changes.   Pieces on the album are   Wagon Wheels More Jingle Jangle La Cumparsita Little Bird, Little Bird The Man Of La Mancha The Streets of Laredo Song of India Release Me The Entertainer Indian Love Call Second Hungarian Rhapsody   Notes on the album are very good and the album also came with an official tour guide pamphlet.   P. S. Rex wrote the Theme to "Gunsmoke" for all you trivia buffs out there.     Still got a million pieces of trivia stored away in my mind. Now if I could only remember where I left it.   Nelson          
(back) Subject: Re: Unofficial Death Valley Scotty's Castle web-page From: "George W. Jenista" <hiplain@flash.net> Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 23:19:12 -0700   > In a message dated 97-08-05 13:07:35 EDT, you write: > Found the following description from the Unofficial Death Valley > >> > Oh, *do* send us the URL address. > I am dying to see this website! > > At 12:12 PM 8/5/97 -0700, you wrote: > >Found the following description from the Unofficial Death Valley > >Scotty's Castle web-page: > > > Thanks, Now for the web page?   The URL is: http://www.calweb.com/~macman/uschp.html   There are no photos of the console or chambers, that I found, but I did not delve into the site at length.