PipeChat Digest #166 - Tuesday, December 16, 1997
Concert: Newark NJ 12/16/97 8pm carol sing (double posting)
  by Adam Levin <alevin@advance.net>
Re: And now a word from the Clergy...
  by Theo08610 <Theo08610@aol.com>
English pipe organ on PBS - WNET (NY metro area)
  by Patricia R. Maimone <patmai@juno.com>
Re: English pipe organ on PBS - WNET (NY metro area)
  by Adam Levin <alevin@advance.net>
New organ video (CROSS POSTED).
  by Brian Pearson <bpearson@adelaide.on.net>
Misdirected Mail
  by KARL W KELLER <kwkeller@juno.com>

(back) Subject: Concert: Newark NJ 12/16/97 8pm carol sing (double posting) From: Adam Levin <alevin@advance.net> Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 08:38:29 -0500 (EST)     Sorry for the late notice. The Sacred Heart Cathedral Annual Christmas Carol Sing will be Tuesday evening, December 16 at 8pm. Associate Organist Allen Artz (my teacher!) at the console and Director of Music David Fedor directing the semi-professional Cathedral Choir. Expected attendance of approximately 3000, so don't expect an intimate evening. :)   A freewill offering will be received.   -Adam        
(back) Subject: Re: And now a word from the Clergy... From: Theo08610 <Theo08610@aol.com> Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 19:13:57 EST         Bruce:   Truly, in the end we are all expendable...Replace an organ/ organist with tapes? Never! A good organist and good parish priest are a difficult combination to come by. Fortunatley, I believe we (my parish) have been blessed with both. And all parties benefit.   Merry Christmas,   Ted+  
(back) Subject: English pipe organ on PBS - WNET (NY metro area) From: patmai@juno.com (Patricia R. Maimone) Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 20:24:19 -0500   Much to my surprise after returning home from ringing handbells for a junior high choir concert, I turned on the TV and saw someone tuning a pipe organ... The event listed for this time on PBS (WNET, Channel 13 in the NY metropolitan area) was Fontaine &- Nureyev..   So far I have heard a bit of a tuning, some organ music from Westminster Abbey plus excerpts of a boychoir... Queens Victoria and Caroline have been mentioned..   Now the phone ringeth..   Hope that someone can see this in time to enjoy it! Cheers!   Pat Maimone  
(back) Subject: Re: English pipe organ on PBS - WNET (NY metro area) From: Adam Levin <alevin@advance.net> Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 20:58:17 -0500 (EST)   On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Patricia R. Maimone wrote: > So far I have heard a bit of a tuning, some organ music from > Westminster Abbey plus excerpts of a boychoir... Queens Victoria and > Caroline have been mentioned.. > Hope that someone can see this in time to enjoy it!   I'm turning it on -- it looks like something about the abbey or something. More organ music -- that's nice. Now they're talking about tombs and stuff. It's 8:57 already, though, so I don't know how much longer it'll last.   -Adam      
(back) Subject: New organ video (CROSS POSTED). From: bpearson@adelaide.on.net (Brian Pearson) Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:45:12 +0930     [This is a copy of a review that I wrote for "S.A. TOSA NEWS". Now that the video has been released (40 copies sold in one night), I hope that it will be of interest to members of the list. Copies cost AUST$29 plus packing and postage. TOTAL COSTS: $34 in Australia, $39 to North America, $40 to the UK. Current exchange rates mean that the total cost to overseas customers is US$26, CAN$37.30 or UKPounds16.25.   Please make remittances in Australian Dollars to:   Pipe Dreams Video, P.O. Box 307, GOODWOOD SA, AUSTRALIA 5034.   Real time NTSC copies are being made on the linked digital conversion machine simultaneously with each run of ten PAL conversions, so initial supplies will be limited, but orders from North America will be attended to as promptly as is humanly possible. Efforts will be made to have copies available during the ATOS San Francisco Convention, and order forms will certainly be available.] ********************************************************************************   "A PIPE DREAM COMES TRUE" - THE STORY OF THE CAPRI THEATRE ORGAN.   I'm not at all sure that many members of TOSA(SA) realize just what a treasure we own in the Capri Theatre Organ. Of course we are all proud of it, and greatly enjoy listening to its music, but relatively few are aware of just how high a place it enjoys in the hierarchy of the finest theatre organs in the world. That awareness can only come from a familiarity with the sound of each of its peers, all of which are in the USA, though the newly installed 4/36 Wurlitzer in the Melbourne Regent will in the not too distant future be able to claim a place in that exalted group of fine organs.   Soon we will all have the opportunity of seeing and owning a video which has been many years in the making. It will enable us not only to know about the enormous amount of behind the scenes work and personal sacrifice by a large number of dedicated people which has led to us being in most probably the most enviable situation of any theatre organ society in the world, but will also be an easy means of explaining to our friends just why we have joined it.   Made by Wayne Bertram, who has made our organs and theatre a lifelong labour of love,"A Pipe Dream Comes True" is a comprehensive account of the history of the Capri organ from its very earliest days. It is an assemblage of films and slides which have been made during each stage of the organ's installation in the Capri. Saying this would seem to imply that the video has a very amateur appearance, with an assemblage of home movie sequences such as I might put together from my own many hours of videos of the organ and its music. Nothing could be further from the truth.   This is probably the most professional looking and sounding video that I have seen - and my collection numbers in the many hundreds. The digital recording of both picture and stereo sound makes for an almost startlingly sharp and clear image, and a soundtrack which can be played through our high fidelity systems to give as real a sense of listening to the organ as is possible without actually being in the theatre. The presentation, also, is superb. In the hard compact plastic case that is now becoming standard for major film releases, it has a full colour label slick of a clarity and sharpness of image which is very rarely approached by the big film companies for their most prestigious releases.   This high quality has been achieved by Wayne's most meticulous attention to detail as a labour of love. Each copy will be made in real time from a digital master as was my review version, not by a multiple high speed duplication process. There will be true NTSC copies for North American viewers, as well as PAL videos for Australians and Europeans. The slicks will be individually made on a state of the art full colour photo-copier, resulting in a most attractive cover featuring truly photographic quality images of the organ.   Now for what you will see and hear. The host who conducts us through this historic tour is our own Chris McPhee, who introduces the various segments with his usual charm and complete items from his organ repertoire played in his inimical style. There is even a mini concert at the end of the video which took me by surprise and made for a most pleasant finish, with the same thrill that we get at a concert as the console goes down, the curtains close and the floor trap shuts with the last chord. In the middle, separating the two parts of the video is an amusing novelty item (definitely NOT Chris) which takes the mickey out of theatre organists but which I will not reveal here.   Large numbers of our fellow members can be seen hard at work (and looking much younger - oh how we change and fall to pieces with the years), and ABC FM's own Malcolm Patterson who was instrumental in our purchase of the organ from its Darwin owner is the narrator. David Johnston is the organist who plays the background music with that great skill of the silent movie organist which means that we are barely aware of it while enjoying the video, but which is most enjoyable in its own right when we really listen to it in subsequent viewings.   Make no mistake. This is a must have for anyone world-wide who loves the theatre organ and its unique music. It will be a source of great pride for us all as we can now show our friends a most successful and informative book "Thanks For The Memory" which has been in such demand nationally and overseas that it is already a collector's item, and now easily the best theatre organ video that I have ever seen. How proud we should be that our society and Adelaide have managed to outshine any similar group in the world in our achievements - two fine organs, our own theatre, and now both literary and video records of how it all came about.   Brian Pearson.      
(back) Subject: Misdirected Mail From: kwkeller@juno.com (KARL W KELLER) Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 01:08:59 EST   Dear List Members,   Over the past few days I have noted several messages which have been written to individual members which are being posted to the list and hence to all Pipechat members. I get the eerie feeling I am reading someone's private mail. Remember that Pipechat is different from the other list in that when you hit the REPLY button the message does not go to just the sender but goes to the entire membership of Pipechat.   Karl Musica est Dei donum optimi