PipeChat Digest #169 - Friday, December 19, 1997
Temporary signoff
  by Richard B. Ahlvin <rahlvin@magnolia.net>
New Server for PipeChat IRC
  by Bob Conway <conwayb@post.queensu.ca>

(back) Subject: Temporary signoff From: "Richard B. Ahlvin" <rahlvin@magnolia.net> Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 08:03:09 -0600   Goin' away for the holidays...See y'all later! -- Richard B. Ahlvin  
(back) Subject: New Server for PipeChat IRC From: Bob Conway <conwayb@post.queensu.ca> Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 10:07:34 -0500   Dear Listers,   This is an advance notice that we shall be changing to our own Server on Friday 2nd January 1998, although the old one will continue to operate for a week or so after that date.   David Scribner, - who has done all the work to make this possible, will be putting instructions on the PipeChat Web page as to how to log on, but it is quite simple.   This is what I do, using mIRC on a PC with Windows 95:   Add our new Server to the list of Servers in your mIRC programme:   irc.pipechat.org   This will connect you to our new server, then do as you did before to get into our channel:   #pipechat   We have had a thorough testing session, and it all worked fine for those of us who were involved. Zinger and myself will remain Channel co-owners, whilst David will keep the whole thing together.   NOTE: This change will occur on Friday 2nd January 1998, we remain on the AnotherNet Server until then. Don't move over until the starting date, January 2nd 1998!   Season's Greetings to All,     Bob Conway <conwayb@post.queensu.ca> Classics Director and Organic DeeJay CFRC-FM 101.9 MHz Radio Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6 CANADA