PipeChat Digest #130 - Wednesday, November 12, 1997
coming "Downunder"
  by Carmen & Jim Clinch <allen@ion.com.au>
  by Brian Pearson <bpearson@adelaide.on.net>

(back) Subject: coming "Downunder" From: Carmen & Jim Clinch <allen@ion.com.au> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 21:20:01 +1000   My name is Jim Clinch and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. I am always interested in hearing from theatre organists - especially concert artists - coming to Australia. Also interested in hearing from any other Aussies interested in Theatre Organ. I have access to a few recent model Allen Theatre organs here. In fact, I sell them for a living. My interest in theatre organ however pre-dates my present career path. Always interested in promoting the cause - even without a sale at the end of it!    
(back) Subject: THE MELBOURNE REGENT ORGAN. From: bpearson@adelaide.on.net (Brian Pearson) Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:35:06 +0930   The 4/36 Wurlitzer in the Melbourne Regent Theatre will be heard by the general public for the first time tomorrow, Thursday 13th November at 7.30 pm EST, again on Friday and at 2.00 and 7.30 on Saturday in a screening of the 70mm restored print of "My Fair Lady".   In the supporting programme, the console will rise out of the pit under the expert control of Tony Fenelon. The show band will then ascend on the adjacent orchestra lift, and there will be solo organ and organ/band items to bring back the atmosphere of the glorious days of the twenties, thirties and forties, when the attitude was "Ain't we got fun?" instead of the all too prevalent mood of today - "We dare you to amuse us".   This will be the first film screened at the Regent for over 27 years, and the organ, originally from the San Francisco Granada/Paramount, via the Vollum residence, is the third large Wurlitzer to have been installed in that magnificent theatre, which is almost identical except for its warmer colour scheme, with the now defunct and much lamented New York Capitol.   The organ was carefully (one could say lovingly) installed by Julien and Mark Arnold, assisted by a team of volunteer friends before the re-opening of the theatre with a stage performance of "Sunset Boulevard", but has been heard by few until now. Reports have it that considerable work has been done in tonal balancing, adjusting the tremulation and general finishing of the ensemble. The instrument has always sounded fine in its new home, but with somewhat muffled egress of the sound from the chambers. It is said to be now speaking with a new and glorious authority, and my informant was sufficiently thrilled with it to wake me up with a midnight long distance call to describe in glowing terms what he had heard during the day   I am sorry indeed that volunteer ushering duties at film screenings in the Capri (with its 4/29 organ) in Adelaide will preclude me from attending, but several friends will be making the 500 mile journey to our neighbouring city. How I envy them. Cheers.   Brian