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Re: I've seen the "Beauty and the Beast"!
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RE: I've seen the "Beauty and the Beast"!
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Re: Beauty and the Beast
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(back) Subject: Re: I've seen the "Beauty and the Beast"! From: cremona84000@webtv.net (bruce cornely) Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 07:45:22 -0500   Jason, you are far to young to have given up enjoying fantasy. I really thought the Jardine- inspired "Forte" facade was quite cute, even to the Jardinesque pipe tops (with rrrrrridges!), Lighten up! There is plenty of time to turn into an old poop!   bruce cornely o o o __________ o o o ago (dean) ohs o o __________ o o  
(back) Subject: Wanamaker Organ From: Claire <fleahopper@earthlink.net> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 09:30:08 -0500   2 concerts coming up -   Sunday 11/30/97 - Organ & Brass featuring Peter Richard Conte & teh Philadelphia Brass.   Sunday 12/21/97 - Rudy Lucente - A Christmas Concert   both are at 2PM   Also the regular store mini concerts will continue every Monday thru Sat. at 11:15 and 5:15 - Nov 25th thruDec 27th - & 12/24 - only the 11:15am concert. Plus, Dec. 7th, 14th, & 28th (Sundays) there will be a 2:15pm & 4:15pm mini concert. Because they put heavy sheets of plastic over the pipe chambers to protect them from the light show & dancing waters fountains, the organ sound is a bit muffled but still worth a trip down to see and hear. They are also advertising "Christmas in the Grand Tradition" - a collection of recordings of Christmas Music played on the organ in past years - for sale on the main floor. While the Light Show has no organ music - it's a must-see if you are in the area,   Lord & Taylor is keeping the tradition of the Christmas Light Show - Tues. 11/25 10am,11am,3pm,4pm,6pm Wed 11/26 , Fri. 11/28 & Sat 11/29 - same times plus 9am Sunday 11/30 - 10am,11am,3pm,4pm,6pm Mon. Dec 1st thru Tues Dec 23rd - 10am,11am,3pm,4pm,6pm,8pm Wed. 12/24 - 9am,10am,11am Fri. Dec 26 - 9am,10am,11am,3pm,4pm,6pm Sat. Dec 27th - 10am,11am,3pm,4pm,6pm Sun. 12/28 thru Tues. 12/30 - 11am,3pm,4pm Please note: I have changed my e-mail address to : fleahopper@earthlink.net   Claire    
(back) Subject: Re: Wanamaker Organ From: David Scribner <david@blackiris.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 08:55:09 -0600   [SNIP] >They are also advertising "Christmas in the Grand Tradition" - a collection >of recordings of Christmas Music played on the organ in past years - for >sale on the main floor.   Claire   Can you give us more information on this? Like how to order, etc.   Thanks   David   ********************************** David Scribner Black Iris Consulting 4775 Balmoral Drive Pensacola, FL 32504-9174 850-478-9635 - Voice 850-476-0711 - Fax david@blackiris.com      
(back) Subject: Re: Screen Savers (here comes the cold water!) From: Vernon Moeller <vernonm@ccsi.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 10:06:11 -0600   Yes, Shirley, you're right - that bit about sending out PO pics was not intended for public consumption. I just sympathized with Kurt.     The only problem I have with doing this is that I might be violating copyright laws. Many of the pics I have simply copied from webpages (Bedient has lots of nice photos on their webpages); the others, I have scanned in from the AGO magazine. One of them is actually a scan of a photo given to me by a friend on this list who traveled to New Zealand - it's probably the only legal one in the bunch (!), with my luck. Another one I scanned from a cover of a piece of organ music, probably published by Oxford, but I'm not sure - all I remember about it is that the price seemed dreadfully exorbitant considering the difficulty of the meager quantity of music it contained, and that I was young and stupid at that time, and truly desperate to obtain Stanley's famous Trumpet Voluntary for a wedding. I almost never use that music now anyway.   I do not sell these pics, nor do I make any great claims as to having enhanced them in any way, shape or form. I captioned many of them to show the instrument's location and builder. I don't have a steel-trap memory capable of identifying organs on sight.   So, if one of you legal beagles out there would care to enlighten me as to my stance on this issue, I'd appreciate it very much, as I'm sure would the rest of the list here.   In closing, I just wish to say:   1) If I violated any copyright laws, I'm truly sorry, but since I do not stand to gain one farthing of profit from this, and since in my office, I'm sitting next to a really fine HP ScanJet color scanner, I'm probably going to continue my evil ways in producing photos for my own enjoyment. I like nice pics on my screensavers, so shoot me. If any of the copyright owners want to take me to court over a scanned postcard, I think the local newspaper will gladly cover my legal fees just to get a laugh for their readers. Besides, all 6 or so postcards are from Europe - just try and find them in the US - given to me by friends who travelled there on vacations.   2) You noticed, I hope, that I paid for the Galtware screensaver - I'm not using a trial version beyond its limitation date. Copyright laws have so many grey areas of interpretation. I think I understand the ones about software, but how about published works?   3) IMNSHO, I think that the AGO is missing out on a great money-maker. They ought to take their excellent color photos and copy them into screen savers. When my family and I visited Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods last summer, imagine my utter delight when I discovered that their souvenir shop sold a screensaver full of beautiful photos of Colorado - a photographer used a proprietary photo protocol (not JPG, etc) to publish this set, and my family and I still enjoy it on our home PC, since our home monitor is set to 640x480 (?), which is the maximum setting for that screensaver. I paid $14 for that screensaver - I'll bet that organ aficionados the world over would gladly pay that amount, especially if they knew that the profits would help the AGO.   Maybe The Diapason will beat them to the punch (are you listening, Herb?).   Finally, if after all the copyright mess settles down, you still want copies of the photos, please correspond with me *privately*. I have 28 JPG's, at roughly 1.1Mb, so they can be zipped and sent to you via email quite efficiently.   Sorry about this mess! \/\/\    
(back) Subject: Re: Beauty and the Beast From: Vernon Moeller <vernonm@ccsi.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 09:58:11 -0600   Maybe we should write to Disney and ask them to work in a part for a pipe organ in their next movie, when the heroine marries the hero, and the organ's face smiles at them and gives them its blessing. Or did they do that in B&B this time, only it was a Hammond or an Allen that smiled on them? ;-) only kidding....   Personally, I think the last decent Disney film was Aladdin. The rest of the stuff has been thinly-disguised politically-correct drivel bent on twisting children's minds. I just hope they're too young to give it much thought. It's a sad day when you (parents) have to look at a Disney film *first* to decide if it's appropriate fare for your little ones (sigh!).   BTW, I grew up loving Bambi and Pinocchio and gleefully dancing around in front of the TV when the Mickey Mouse Club Show came on right before dinner. With only one channel operating in Anchorage, Alaska, at that time, I'm glad it was the one with Disney on it. I've got lots of happy memories of those days.   \/\/\    
(back) Subject: Re: Screen Savers From: Russell Greene <russg@cyberspc.mb.ca> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 97 10:34:51 -0600   >Kurt, I have lots of PO pics, all of which fit in my screen at 800x600. If >you like, I can email you some. Many of them are captioned with the >location and name of the builder. > >Hope this helps somebody!   Hi Vernon, I'm always on the lookout for PO pics and would appreciate being added to your distribution list. Thanks very much.   Russ Greene  
(back) Subject: Re: Organs and Mechanical Things From: DEMPAR1@aol.com Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:54:03 -0500 (EST)   Gregory, The pipe organ is the ultimate machine. It is almost every law of Physics, applied at the same time, to make a conversion from mechanical energy to the full spectrum of sound. Anyone who knows enough about Science to appreciate the inner workings of the organ, shurely would also have to take notice of the power and majesty of steam locomotives and other scientific apparati. There is, indeed a correlation that makes organ buffs also like steam trains, wireless communications equipment, edison phonographs, ham radio, etc. All are marvels of the mechanical age and are of interest to any true student of Science. Good luck in your poll; I would like to see the results when you complete it.  
(back) Subject: Re: Beauty and the Beast From: Shirley <pnst@itw.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:33:41   At 00:37 11/24/97 -0500, you wrote: >Please, folks, cool your jets! B&B is an animated film. Forte the >Evil Pipe Organ is hardly evil. I had difficulty getting through the >entire film because is it so "sweet" (urp). It is fantasy.   Exactly..... written for kids, Bruce.     > It uses a >PIPE ORGAN which many children have never heard of. Villans are fun. >Boris Karlof was hardly evil, but he played evil characters all the >time; but everybody loves Boris! At a time when everyone is trying so >hard to be PC and always present positive images of everything and >everyone, the "tendency" to over-react has gone way over th edge. We >all should be grateful that Disney chose a pipe organ todo anything in >the film. At best, the film is cute. For my taste, the evil pipe organ >did not do enough. It was well done, I suppose. I must watch it a >few more times, I guess. Remember, children love villans; maybe this >will give some children the incentive to learn to control an evil pipe >organ. That translates into a student for someone!!   A couple of points, Bruce:   1) My kids *have* heard of a pipe organ, have seen one up close and personal, and have watched me play one. My older daughter idolizes our current organist at church. They were also present, although wandering around, for the re-opening of the Wanamaker organ. These kids know pipe organ. And, Bruce, this may surprise you, but there are families with kids as young as 4 and teenagers coming home from college to hear organ concerts in our church. These kids are getting a positive spin on what an organ is.   2) From what Jason describes, it sounds like it's a caricature of an organ. What bothers me, though, is that he said the sound track sounds synthesized. They could at least use an authentic organ sound, be it a quality electronic or pipe.   3) Villians. Perhaps everybody loved Boris Karloff because he was a good actor; they didn't necessarily love the roles he played. If his role was to scare people, I would suppose he did. (Never saw him, so I wouldn't know.)   4) You seem to feel there is an appeal in "evil" things for kids. As sheer entertainment, perhaps. But I don't feel that this representation (going only by Jason's remarks, since I've not yet seen the film) is going to either snag a kid into wanting to "befriend" an organ, or will turn him against it.   5) Having said that, however, most organ reminds people of church. And that *can* have negative connotations. And this evil representation only emphasizes that view.   You guys have made me want to open one of my kids' Christmas presents early!!! Wonder if we're making more out of this than it is.....   --Shirley  
(back) Subject: RE: I've seen the "Beauty and the Beast"! From: "Wildhirt, Richard" <Richard.Wildhirt@PSS.Boeing.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:44:00 -0800   Jason, thanks for taking the time to do this movie review.   > ---------- > From: krummhorn8@juno.com[SMTP:krummhorn8@juno.com] > Sent: Sunday, November 23, 1997 6:28 PM > To: pipechat@pipechat.org > Subject: I've seen the "Beauty and the Beast"! > > Sorry list, > > I haven't been answering my mail lately. > > I have been to a theatre "rehersals" for the past 3 months. This past > month, I have been getting home after 12:30-1:00 am and fall asleep > the > second my head hits the pillow for about 5 hours, then I get up for > school, then from school, I go to the auditorium, and then it starts > right back over again. > > I would like to say that I have sat down long anough to see the > "Beauty > And The Beast" movie. The "King of Insturments" is the villian, and > it > tries to break up Belle and the Beast. The organs name if "Forte", > which > is appropriate. "Forte" has a side kick, which is a fife which his > name > is "Fife" (also appropriate). The organ is computer generated, and I > PERSONALLY don't think that it looks or sounds like an actual pipe > organ. > It sounds more like a synthesised insturment. When the organ (Forte) > talks, the entire insturment moves all around. The Disney animators > did > have a nice facade design, though. I like it, and I don't like it. > It's > hard to say. The console doesn't look like a console. The bottom > manual > has what looks like 88 keys, and the top, 43. No stops, except if you > want to call the 8 "knobs" (rosettes) stops. and the pedal keys are 5 > little levers centered directly in the center. No expression pedals, > (can you believe I got all of this in about 20 frames!) and no > pistons. > Forte ends up disruting the building foudation, and every room, except > the music room, falls apart. (figure that out) In between, when the > insturment is talking, it sounds like they used the "Toccatta" from > Boelman's "Suite Gothique". (YES!) > > Well, I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed. Up for school at 6:30, > leave > school at 12:00, take the sound equipment from the theatre for about > an > hour and a half drive, drop it off, turn around, and head about > another > hour and a half, back home! (alot of typing for one scentence) > > See ya all later, > zzzzzzzzzzzBzzzyzzezzzzzzzzz, > > Jason Comet > Krummhorn8@juno.com > |\ > | \ > O > > "Pipe Up and Be Heard!" > PipeChat: A discussion List for pipe/digital organs & related topics > HOMEPAGE : http://www.pipechat.org > List: mailto:pipechat@pipechat.org > Administration: mailto:admin@pipechat.org > Subscribe/Unsubscribe: mailto:requests@pipechat.org >  
(back) Subject: B&B From: "Wildhirt, Richard" <Richard.Wildhirt@PSS.Boeing.com> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 12:07:05 -0800   OK, gang. I think this one's getting out of hand, and I think I'm responsible for getting it started.   My original post said:   Nevermind boycotting Disney because of preference to homosexuals; EISNER IS SCARING KIDS WITH A PIPE ORGAN!! AAUURRGGHH!!!!   That quip was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I see now that the printed text has its limitations as far as voice inflection and emotion.   My apologies to Jason--I did not mean for you to get the brunt of listers' rebuttal to your review.   I do think you all have some valid points about caricatures, organs, villains, children, and Boris, and they've all been well expressed. I'm sorry for getting this one started--let's put it to bed now. Time to lighten up and let a cartoon be a cartoon.     Richard Wildhirt Boeing Site Operations Renton, Washington (425) 234-8051   "Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are, to some extent, a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece--by thought, choice, courage, and determination." --John Luther  
(back) Subject: Re: BE&BE From: krummhorn8@juno.com (Jason D Comet) Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 19:04:41 -0500   HEY, LIST,   AS I SAID EARLIER, I HAVEN'T BEEN ANSWERING MY E-MAIL THAT MUCH FOR ABOUT A MONTH OR SO NOW! I DIDN'T MEAN TO STIR-UP ANY BOY COTTERS, REBUKERS, MAD-MEN, ETC...! I WAS ONLY TRYING TO INPUT THE STOPPED DIAPASON RANK INTO THERE APPROPERIATE HOLES!, CATCH-UP ON MY E-MAIL, AND GIVE MY OPINION (like that matters). AS RICHARD STATED:   "let's put it to bed now" !!!!!   Jason Comet Krummhorn8@juno.com |\ | \ O  
(back) Subject: Re: Beauty and the Beast From: "Gregory F. Klingler" <klingler@IDT.NET> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:22:15 -0500   Hi,   In response to the Disney Beauty & the Beast thread I wish to offer the following comments / observations:   While I grew up on Disney, I have been boycotting the Disney Corp. for a few years now; since the offensive movie "Priest" (Touchstone Pictures, a division of Disney - early 1990's).   Other observations regarding the current Disney management / company I have noticed is the "Politically Correct" versions of recent releases of Disney productions (i.e. Huck Finn - WAY OFF the original concept and story line that Mark Twain wrote), and the aforementioned recent cartoons on this thread, just to name a few.   Yesterday, I watched the movie "The Great Locomotive Chase" by Disney (I think filmed / produced in the late 50's or early 60's) and was AMAZED AT THE ACCURACY ( I've forgotten how good Disney WAS. Back then, Disney wasn't AFRAID OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT HISTORICAL EVENTS!).   I was saddened by the comments by a fellow member that he felt it necessary to "preview" a Disney movie / video before he would let his kids watch it! What a Shame!! It wasn't too long ago that you could trust your kids with Disney. Now, I feel that Disney has become "that perverted uncle *&%$@! that you had to keep your loved ones away from"!!   Pipe Organ villains and personal opinions aside, it's time to face the facts and take a stand against the forces that laugh and mock our heritage and values!   My 2 cents worth.   Later....   Greg