PipeChat Digest #85 - Saturday, September 27, 1997
Sheet Music Auction 3000 pieces and Apologies.
  by Bill R <flix@cellone.com>
Re: Fonteyn En Gaal Organs
  by Nelson and Tracy Denton <ndenton434@bigwave.ca>
Organ Recital - Lee Dettra, Cadet Chapel, WP, NY - 28 Sep
  by Patricia R. Maimone <patmai@juno.com>

(back) Subject: Sheet Music Auction 3000 pieces and Apologies. From: Bill R <flix@cellone.com> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:52:27 -0400   Thanks to all who wished me well during a number of surgical procedures. I appreciate it very much. I realize I was really sidelined with many of you waiting for a list from me on a sheet music auction to be held October 5 through November 15. The list is to be ready from the printer at its yearly subscription price of $6. This is of course deductible from your bids, and the terms of the auction are detailed on the auction booklet. The list for this late fall auction, by phone, fax or a delayed internet (for those who are not on the net), is heavy on 1855-1945 show, Bway, novelty, love, WW1, post Civil, tearjerkers, Jolson, Temple, Carmichael, Porter, Ziegfield etc. but all the rags, blacks and blues are generally on the late winter listing). I honestly apologize, most sincerely, for this unexpected delay since my hospital stay, ..so I have asked for help during the auction call days. The auction can be done by voice, 24 hour fax or internet. To bring some of you up to date, (like as of yesterday), we still need a firm bid on a wonderful Chickering Ampico B unrestored, with 100 rolls, and a bunch of Angelus non-reproducing rolls with no list), and ask for a feedback on ONE pack of four hundred and forty 88 note QRS, PIanostyle non reproducing rolls . It happens that this pack of 440 rolls is sitting too close to some Edison morning glory horns and we fear the destruction of the latter. Autumn in New York I have enjoyed so far from the hospital bed, but I just had to get this notice out on the sheet music. There is NO specific organ music. There are about 100 TO records, some of which include Ray Nohn,& Dick Liebert etc and are in very used condition, but the sadness may be in a well used cover rather than a well used record. (LP's or vinyls). I remember seeing one of the pieces of sheet music there with an inset on the cover of Liebert at a II man WurliTzer somewhere etc. If you want the catalogue for a year...three-four auction notices, we have to ask for a six dollar check or money order, to Backroom Piano, Box 1, Castleton, New York. If the Internet is used, I ask you to use flix@cellone.com for your delayed bid there so these lists will not be jammed up or "band-narrowed". Our fax is open and dedicated 24 hours like our net address...faxing at 518.732.1986. Lists of Edison cylinders will be available before Thanksgiving, along with a number of machines. We are personally searching for the sheet music of the Kaiser Wilhelm Marsch (Jubilaumsmarsch), an E.T.Paull European released publication. This was released in tone poem style as some of the ETPaull's were, and we are looking for both the German and the English version. The sheet music database, by the way, is in Microsoft Works format, if you would rather purchase the disk, which is constantly changing. If you need help in searching a title, ...just drop a note to me privately. Thank you again for your kind notes during my lengthy absence. Bill The Backroom Piano P.O.Box 1 Castleton, New York 12033-0001   P.S. Those 440 QRS rolls have no list and have to move to the best buyer. Reserve on it at $2.45 a roll is requested by owner. One Conn Minuet two manual organ working nicely - $400 One 3-manual Rodgers 320 (not 321) not working nicely - needs output board - $950 One Chickering Ampico B, light fruitwood finish, needs rebuild - best price w/rolls One Worcester Mass pump reed organ, (not pumping any more) - $100 asked.   One Baldwin -5 (2 man-32 note pedal) w/ext speaker - $250 w/bench asked. (These are all real and honest instruments). Any interest....?? Leave me a note. Bill    
(back) Subject: Re: Fonteyn En Gaal Organs From: Nelson and Tracy Denton <ndenton434@bigwave.ca> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 11:26:20   At 09:31 AM 9/26/97 CET, you wrote: > >> >> Has anybody seen, played or worked upon a "Fonteyn En Gaal" organ from >> >> Holland?   >> >I'll will have a look if I can find something about it. In fact >> >Fonteyn En Gaal is not what we would call a 'big' manufacturer. > >I have some books about dutch organbuilders, but I couldn't find >anything about 'Fonteyn en Gaal' Where did you see that name? > >greetings, > >Tom Hi all. A church here in Hamilton has recently agreed to buy a used 1960's "Fonteyn en Gaal" organ with electro-pneumatic action, from Rotterdam. Few of the church members have actually seen the organ, but it came well recomended by a well known "Dutch Organist" who has played it many times.   I was just curious as thay asked me my opinion and I didn't know anything about the company.   Thanks for the help. :-)))   P. S. Dad spent a year in the Netherlands at the end of the war and he said the Dutch people were the nicest people he ever met in all his travels in Europe. :-))   ( he also thought the Germans were Ok people too, when they weren't shooting at him. ) ;-)))) Groan! Nelson E. Denton R. A. Denton and Son Pipe Organ Builders Hamilton Ontario Canada  
(back) Subject: Organ Recital - Lee Dettra, Cadet Chapel, WP, NY - 28 Sep From: patmai@juno.com (Patricia R. Maimone) Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 17:36:47 -0400   September 28, 1997 3:30 PM Cadet Chapel, USMA, West Point, New York Admission Free: ORGAN RECITAL by LEE DETTRA, Organist-Choirmaster   Prelude (D Minor) and Fugue (D Major) Op. 65 Max Reger V'la l'bon Vent (Menuet) Pierre Cochereau (trans. George Baker) Andantino from Concerto III in G Major for Two Organs Antonio Soler (trans. Lee Dettra) Laments (The Maiden and the Nightingale) from the "Goyescas" E. Granados (trans. Lee Dettra) Cantabile from Organ Symphony in E Minor Harold W. Friedell Two Pieces on the Hymn Tune "Orientibus Partibus" Prelude Thomas Matthews Carillon Arthur Wills - - - - - - - - - - - Prelude and Fugue in C Major (9/8) J. S. Bach >From "Homage to Frescobaldi" Jean Langlais Theme and Variations Epilogue for Pedal Solo Passacaglia in E Minor Seth Bingham   Prelude and Fugue in G Minor Marcel Dupre'