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Re: Vox Limbaugh
  by "Kevin Cartwright" <kevin1@alaweb.com>
Re: Vox Limbaugh
  by "Ben Baldus" <bbaldus@voyager.net>
Conn 351 Organ for sale (x-posted)
  by "Jon C. Habermaas" <opus1100@ameritech.net>
The need for a course on Emergency Organ Medicine
  by "Nelson and Tracy Denton" <ndenton434@waterdown.BigWave.ca>
****MMMH Website****
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Lynnwood Farnam
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Re: Lynnwood Farnam
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(back) Subject: Re: Vox Limbaugh From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 06:28:06 -0500   Kurt Kehler wrote: > > Most previous accounts of the Limbaugh stop are based on hearing imperfect, > equal-tempered imposters. I have the genuine article. > > The Limbaugh stop is that most rare of those rarities which sounds forth the > light of truth everywhere it is heard. Yea, it is even a truth detector. > Beginning behind the golden EIB microphone, surrounded by swirls of sweet > cigar smoke (unlike that nasty incense I endured last week), the Limbaugh > stop provides a hearty reprieve to all those poorly maintained and/or > designed ranks of pipes up with which we put.   And the place to which the "bad" people go is currently freezing... :-) (tee-hee-hee)   K.  
(back) Subject: Re: Vox Limbaugh From: Ben Baldus <bbaldus@voyager.net> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 07:48:38 -0400   Easter Greetings:   Another worthy stop is found on a local instrument designed by Paul Bunjes. The smart alec organist renamed an infernally voiced Trichter Dulzian 8', a Trichter Bunjes, with new drawknob and all.   This stop is fully equal to a Vox Limbaugh or indeed a Vox Clinton.   Ben Baldus    
(back) Subject: Conn 351 Organ for sale (x-posted) From: "Jon C. Habermaas" <opus1100@ameritech.net> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:14:59 -0500   This item was sent to me..since it was too late to include in the April Vox I was asked to post it on the organ lists.   For sale: Conn 651 electronic organ, 3M, 32 pedals, white, good condition. The owner is retiring and will be moving out of the Chicago area. He would like the organ to go to someone who would enjoy playing it and will accept any reasonable offer. If interested contact: Barney King (630) 627-0066   thanks,   Jon  
(back) Subject: The need for a course on Emergency Organ Medicine From: Nelson and Tracy Denton <ndenton434@waterdown.BigWave.ca> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 11:19:45 -0400   Or Care and Feeding of the Beast in the Choir loft.     From the number of posts in recent weeks it seems to me that there is a real need for a serious course in How to look after an organ for "Organists, Organ Buffs and Amateur Organ builders."   Many years ago my sister "Janine" and I gave a 3 hr. lecture to the local organists club on the care and feeding of an organ. We attempted to cover as much as possible about how an organ worked and how to do simple repairs and when NOT to try "Fixing it Yourself".   Much of our lecture ( Janine did the talking I did the demonstrating) consisted of methods of locating and describing problems with organs and how to communicate with an Organ Tech in words other than "The organ won't work it just makes funny noises sometimes."   We also covered topics like tuning reeds, cleaning keyboards, finding the fuse box for the organ, how not to clean under the pedalboard, dealing with cyphers, humidity and temperature changes, where to hide the spare key to the console, and basics such as unification and how couplers, pistons and reversibles worked.   The 25 souls ( and 35+ egos :-)) Wow what a weird bunch) involved seemed to be quite impressed with the topics covered and many commented later, that little things like having a spare key to the roll top handy was something that could have saved them a fair bit of embarassement over the years. Have any others on this list attempted the same sort of lecture series? And would anyone care to set up a course on "How to. . . " at one of the many conventions and lecture series coming up?   It sure helps make life easier for those times when the organist's husband's girlfriend's daughter's secretary calls with a message that. . .   "The organs busted" - what church we ask? "ahhhh I dunno? Grace? I think" Presbyterian?, Anglican?, R.C. ? Baptist? United? in Hamilton? Toronto? Brantford? Caledonia? Niagara Falls?   "I don't know - It's my boss's mother' s lover's wife's church" Ok it's that Bontempi at Grace' Free Liberal Holy Cow Strip Bar and Massage Parlour with a Message Church. Sorry but we don't service that one - we are pipe organ builders - Try Joe's Used Hammond Works and T.V. Trade In Centre at 555- 12345.     See how simple communication is when somebody knows what they are talking about.   Nelson E. Denton R. A. Denton and Son Pipe Organ Builders Hamilton Ontario Canada   http://www.freeyellow.com/members/radentonson  
(back) Subject: ****MMMH Website**** From: The NE ORG <TheNEORG@aol.com> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:07:23 EDT   Hey folks!   The Methuen Memorial Music Hall website has been updated yet again. We have corrected all the Concert Programs AND added photographs of every recitalist.   Hope to see you all this summer!     Len   Len Levasseur The NEO Press tneorg@aol.com PO Box 747 http://www.tneorg.com/neopress Lawrence, MA 01842-1547 Fax:1-978-683-0572 Phone: 1-800-841-4030 Designers of the AGO National Website http://www.agohq.org    
(back) Subject: Lynnwood Farnam From: OrganNYC <OrganNYC@aol.com> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:57:45 EDT   Can anyone please supply the birthdate for Lynnwood Farnam? I know that he died in 1954.   Many thanks!   Steve Lawson - NYC  
(back) Subject: Re: Lynnwood Farnam From: OrganNYC <OrganNYC@aol.com> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 23:20:35 EDT   Thanks to all who responded to my request for Lynnwood Farnam's correct year of birth. I thought I had the year of death already, but everyone was alert to point out my mistake. The only reference I could find (including searching the Library of Congress, a few years of TAO and various music databases) was in Dorothy Holden's book, "The Life and Work of EMS." On page 105, there is a quote about a letter from EMS to Alexander McCurdy, dated 10 June 1954, in which EMS writes of visiting LF a few days before he died. Hence, I assumed Farnam died a few days before EMS wrote the letter. There was also a reference about Farnam's planned recital to open the new EMS at Washington Cathedral, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together for the correct decade!   Mea culpa!   I suppose I really do need to break down and buy Corliss Arnold's book...   Steve Lawson - NYC