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Latest Developments
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Console for Sale
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(back) Subject: Re: C-3 Greetings from a Hammer ! From: cremona84000@webtv.net (bruce cornely) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:41:35 -0400   Greetings, Eddie from Philly, and welcome to the nut house, er, pipechat!! A jazz man is just the spice we need for this humble/astute list. I noticed on your closing, "all stops out, Augmented 7th arpeggio," that we are presumed to assume FULL tremulant!! ~~~~~   Welcome aboard -- have a nice 20 0030 04!   bruce (one of the -- insert dimished chord here -- TRACKER ER ER ER PEOPLE LE LE LE)   bruce cornely o o o __________ o o o ago (dean) ohs o o __________ o o cremona84000@webtv.net  
(back) Subject: Re: 1976-ish Allen Church Organ [X-posted] From: cremona84000@webtv.net (bruce cornely) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:47:08 -0400   >Can anyone . . . tell me in which ways the >tones can be voiced . . . .   uh, left and right, I believe!!   hehehehehehehehe   Sorry, Danny, this was too good to let pass. I don't remember the particulars of doing this but do recall that it is loads of fun. However, you need either of two things to accomplish this procedure: a) a very, very long arm, or b) a friend to hold keys. Enjoy! bc   bruce cornely o o o __________ o o o ago (dean) ohs o o __________ o o cremona84000@webtv.net  
(back) Subject: WurliTzer #1360 From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:42:32 -0500   Does anyone have a clue of what happened to WurliTzer Op 1360? It was origionally in the Strand Theatre, Montgomery, Alabama. It was shipped on 12/6/26, and was a style D.   THANKS!!   Kevin C. kevin1@alaweb.com      
(back) Subject: Re: Latest Developments of Kevin Cartwrignt From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 06:53:48 -0500   > Anyone have one of these things they want to get rid of?? try WICKS 618 > 654 2191 Jack Jenkins   Jack got a copy of "Latest Developments" as well as everyone else. Maybe he'll find something. I'll try the other person.   Thanks!   Kevin C. kevin1@alaweb.com    
(back) Subject: Re: C-3 Greetings from a Hammer ! From: danbel@earthlink.net Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 08:22:52 -0400   >I'm Eddie from Philly, a Hammond enthusiast... C3 owner (two of them... >anybody want one...?) - - love all things Hammond -- mainly into B3 Jazz >however.   Greetings Eddie---   From another Hammond enthusiast to another, welcome. Best wear your flame suit when posting heavily about Hammond and jazz----there are those on the forum not terribly tolerant about things non-pioe!:) As far as "I" am concerned, post away! :)   Dan Bellomy    
(back) Subject: Concert, Long Island, NY From: Myosotis51 <Myosotis51@aol.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 08:40:58 EDT   Bay Area Hosts Concert Sunday   Bay Area Friends of Fine Arts presents a concert at the historic Congregational Church of Patchogue at 4 PM Sunday.   The concert will feature the Bay Area Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Howard Cinnamon performing Haydn's Symphony No. 97 in C major, followed by the Bay Area Chorus under the direction of Martha Campanile performing Mozart's Requiem. Featured soloists are Myrna Bismarck Becker and Vivienne Grizzle-Jaber, sopranos; Mary Juliano, contralto, Henry LeClair and Robert Acker, tenors; and Jack Ruehl, bass. They are accompanied by the orchestra and by Campanile on the Midmer Organ, built in 1915.   The church, a Romanesque Revival building, was built in 1892. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993 and is known for its fine acoustics.   The church is at 95 East Main Street in Patchogue. The concert is free and all are welcome. Call 516-475-1235 for information.  
(back) Subject: Latest Developments From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:13:02 -0500   Several of you have been asking how the pipe organ project is doing. So, I figured I'd enlighten everyone; who knows, someone on the lists might have a HELPFUL comment (please, no attacking).   First, I'm looking for the address of a St. Louis technician named D.L. Bullock. If anyone can help, please do so.   Now, so far, all is well. My mother has finally said "Y'all do whatever y'all want to" (my mother referring to my father and I as "y'all"). So, we are on our own, and ready to get started. For those who don't know, we have found a 3 rank [sets of pipes] Wicks pipe organ in St. Louis MO, and are preparing to buy it. We are working through the Organ Clearing House, who has been of great help. The organ is located at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in St. Louis, and we are currently in contact with the church itself.   The organ- The main chest is 7' wide, 2' deep, and stands 5'3" tall WITH the pipes. There are no offsets, but I am trying to buy a 12 note Bourdon 16' chest for some Bourdons I might be getting to replace the quinting for the Bourdon 16' stop. There is a similar organ here in Greenville, and from what I can gather, everything is perfect for a practice situation, but it's SubBass 16' is a reed box, not quinting. The reservoir and tremulant is 2' by 2'3", and stands 2' tall. The blower box is about 2' by 1' and about 1.5' tall. I don't have true console dimensions yet, but it is said to be of standard "console size" if you consider the full AGO 2m w/pedals console. I'll send specs and more info when I get it.   The business end- There is some timber we are selling because the years have rolled around to the traditional generational "harvest time." We are waiting to see how much money that brings in before we go about getting it in other means. I am also getting 12 Bourdons in the deal, but I need a chest. (ignorance note: Bourdons are pedal pipes that give a "rumbling" 16' sound. They are actually about 8' tall because they have a stopper in just the right place, and that "muffles the sound down an octave." A chest is the wooden 'airbox' the pipes sit on. This supplies air to the pipe, and has the valves that open and close, determining if the pipe sounds or not. Less aggresive Bourdons have been developed for placement on manuals [or keyboards].) I found a nice chest for $250, but I would like to pay a little less. Anyone have one of these things they want to get rid of??   So, for those of you who STILL don't know what's going on, I'm getting a pipe organ. I play every Sunday night at the First United Methodist Church in Greenville, Alabama, and I have to have five pieces ready each week. Being sort of new to the playing scene, I can't really perfect five pieces with two hours of practice each week. We considered a "nice" electronic...that is, it was nice until I played it. It sounded HORRIBLE. Nothing whatsoever like a pipe organ. So, why not get the real thing for the same price?? So, that's what I'm doing. It is small enough (and hopefully quiet enough) that I can move it to college in two years (say a dorm or an apartment...maybe a mobile home).   Please send questions and/or comments! Any interesting technical answers will be posted to both lists.   For now,   Kevin Cartwright Secondary Organist, First United Methodist Church Greenville, Alabama kevin1@alaweb.com        
(back) Subject: Console for Sale From: WhitleyC <WhitleyC@aol.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:28:48 EDT   Moller 2M console with roll top cover. White Good condition Mfg. Mid 1950's Best Offer received by 4/30/98 Located: 25 miles SE of Buffalo, NY Buyer to remove. Located on 2nd floor of house so bring muscle. Lots of muscle. Console is totally disconnected from organ. Was playing in my home until removed to accommodate another organ. ElectroMagnetic combination action Existing Stop Tab list follows: PEDAL: Bourdon 16 Lieblich Gedeckt 16 Principal 8 Bourdon 8 Dulciana 8 Super Octave 4 Flute 4 Tuba 8 Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal   SWELL: Lieblich Gedeckt 16 Gedeckt 8 Salicional 8 Vox Celest 8 Dulciana 8 Principal 4 Flute 4 Salicional 4 12th 2 2/3 Flute 2 Tuba 8 Clarion 4 Trem   GREAT: Diapason 8 Clarabella 8 Salicional 8 Dulciana 8 Octave 4 Flute 4 Fugura 4 Super Octave 2 Tuba 8 Chimes Swell to Pedal   Craig Whitley e-mail: craig.whitley@quebecorusa.com or WhitleyC@aol.com  
(back) Subject: ACCHOS - Help requested - X-POSTED From: David Scribner <david@blackiris.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:33:46 -0500   Dear Friends of the ACCHO,   The Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society would like to hear from everyone who would care to state why they think the Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ should be preserved and restored.   Please send your brief email statement to: mailto:info@acchos.org   The statements received will be printed and mailed as a group to the Convention Hall Management and the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority as a means to encourage their respective interests in restoring the Midmer-Losh organ and making the instrument more available as an important attraction to the general public in the future.   As the hall is about to undergo a major renovation, it is extremely important to make the collective voice of the organ world heard about this matter NOW!   Anyone willing to send a snailmail can find the details on the ACCHOS website at: http:www.acchos.org Click on "What You Can Do To Help".   Thanks for your interest and support. Every little bit helps.   Sincerely,   Charles F. Swisher, Vice-President ACCHOS Board of Directors      
(back) Subject: Re: My Dream Organ #3 (simplified) From: bombarde8@juno.com (Jason D. Comet) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:28:09 -0400   >1. Diapason 16', 8' (85 pipes) - Great foundation and the 16',8', >& 4' >pedal diapasons. > >2. Principal 4' (73 pipes) - Provides the 4' & 2' great >principals. > >3. Bourdon 16',8',4' (85 pipes) - provides an flute for the great >that >contrasts with the swell flute chorus, provides an accompaniment on >the great >(if enclosed) and a softer pedal. > >4. Bright Cheerful Flute 8' (73 pipes) - Bright chiffy flute >foundation >for Swell > >5. Harmonic Flute 4' (73 pipes) - 4' and 2' harmonics for the >Swell flute >chorus. > >6. Gemshorn 8',4' (73 pipes) for swell > >7. Loud Diapason 8' (73 pipes) - provides a solo stop for the >Swell in >place of a reed. > >Stoplist: >Great Rank >Diapason 8' 1 >Bourdon 8' 3 >Principal 4' 2 >Bourdon 4' 3 >Principal 2' 2 > >Swell Rank >Bright Flute 8' 4 >Gemshorn 8' 6 >Harmonic Flute 4' 5 >Gemshorn 4' 6 >Harmonic Flute 2' 5 >Solo Diapason 8' 7 > >Pedal Rank >Diapason 16' 1 >Bourdon 16' 3 >Diapason 8' 1 >Bourdon 8' 3 >Diapason 4' 1 > >I could even unify the great diapason/principal (ranks 1 & 2) as well >as the >swell flute chorus (ranks 4 & 5) for a while.   Sounds Good.   Do you get "The American Organist" magazine, If not, I'll send you a spec of an insturment I particularly like to have in my house. (private message follows)   It stays along the lines of about 8 ranks.   Let me get it and I'll send it to you privatly.   Jason Comet bombarde8@juno.com |\ | \ O   _____________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at http://www.juno.com Or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]    
(back) Subject: Concert Announcement Dallas Texas From: HDKarras <HDKarras@aol.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:40:53 EDT   Hallo! My next Recital in Texas is on the famous Schudi-Organ in St. Thomas Aqui= no in=0ADallas on Tuesday night , May 5, 1998 at 8:00 P.M. with an intere= sting french=0Aprogram. I'm one of the last masterpupils of Gaston Litaiz= e in Paris. Program included: Jean-Jaques Grunenwald, Fanfare improvis=E9e (Reconst.: Karras), C=E9sar = Franck=0APi=E8ce pour grand orgue en La (1854) =C8dition de Jo=EBl-Marie = Fauquet (1990)>=0ATh=E9odore Dubois "In Paradisum", Henri Mulet Carillon-= Sortie, Jean Fran=E7aix=0ASuite Carmelite, L=E9once de Saint-Martin Parap= hrase du Psaume 136, Joseph=0ABonnet = Elfes (op.7 Nr.11), Charles-Marie=0AWidor Trois nouvelles pieces Nr.2 -= Mystique, Alexandre Guilmant Sonate Nr.1 d-moll op.42 Best regards Hans-Dieter Karras Concert-Organist, Titulaire de lutheran church St.Ulrici, Brunswick (Germ= any)    
(back) Subject: Re: C-3 Greetings from a Hammer ! From: CHERCAPA <CHERCAPA@aol.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:16:41 EDT   Dear Eddie, I first learned to play on an M-3 at home and a pipe organ at the church. If you are interested in getting a tax credit for one of the C-3's let me know. I know of a Boys and Girls Club in Allentown,Pa. who could use such an instrument. They cannot be broken and have a cover over the keys. Sincerely, Paul P. Valtos  
(back) Subject: Re: Liverpool Cathedral From: SCoonrod <SCoonrod@aol.com> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:43:50 EDT   In a message dated 98-04-20 15:20:35 EDT, ROBIN88866@aol.com writes:   << << Does anybody know where the Cathedral of Liverpool is??? >> Could be another building but I would think that the Cathedral of Liverpool is in Liverpool, England. >>   There is the "Liverpool (sp???) Cathedral, with the largest organ in England (Willis 5/??)   There is also the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, which also contains a significant sizable instrument (Harrisons??)  
(back) Subject: Jonathan Hall at St Thomas Church (x-post) From: mewzishn@spec.net Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:13:47 +0000   Program:   Maurice Durufle (1902-1986) Fugue sur le carillon des heures de la Cathedrale de Soissons   Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847) Sonata D-dur, Opus 65/5 Andante Andante con moto Allegro maestoso   Jehan Alain (1911-1940) Trois Danses Joies Deuils Luttes     Jon Hall's performance Sunday was even more memorable for me than his wonderful playing in Chicago at Holy Name Cathedral during the summer of 1997. Clearly, doctoral study agrees with him, as the playing I heard really showed off the instrument in ways that I've not heard in recent memory -- not an easy task when the console is in such an awkward position for hearing balances and the effect in the room. Confident playing with a solid technique, in my opinion.   The Soissons was done at a very regal, stately pace, and was just ravishing in that acoustic. I agree with Jon's choice of tempo on this one -- instead of the indicated, break-neck pace, we really get to hear the textures created by M Durufle's writing. My preference has always been for the Suite, Op. 5, but I've gained a new, fresh appreciation for this work.   The Mendelssohn really showed off Jon's ability to register well. The sound remained clear and easy to listen to while he avoided the temptation to be flashy and out-of-character with the resources of such a large and "un-Mendelssohn" organ. While I thought the registrations were a bit on the lean side a couple of times, it was by no means anything less than musically satisfying and very fine playing. I think it's a sign of mature musicianship that when I mentioned this to Jon, his response was very confident and assured, and very much in the spirit that there's latitude in such matters.   Certainly the climax of the afternoon's programs were the Three Dances. Those who know the work, know its level of difficulty, which is one of the reasons it's not as often performed as it really should be heard. But if this were the only performance I'd ever heard, I would have been more than satisfied. "Joy" and "Mourning" were wonderfully played, and again registered musically and imaginatively. (It really doesn't need mention in this forum that even the largest pipe organs with all sorts of names on knobs do not always provide the kind of musical effect called for in a book or musical score.) The final movement most effectively communicated the "struggle" between joy and mourning. It's been said that the second movement is a premonition of Alain's premature death at the age of 29, which is exactly what it sounds like.   Kudos, Jon! and good luck with your first doctoral recital.   Ken Sybesma        
(back) Subject: Re: Jonathan Hall at St Thomas Church (x-post) From: "Peggy C. Bie" <peggyb@gate.net> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 05:38:21 -0400   To Ken Sybesma,   What a stunning review of Jon's recital. What is his surname, and in what city was this?   Rev. Peggy C. Bie "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." -Anais Nin http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/1095  
(back) Subject: Re: Jonathan Hall at St Thomas Church (x-post) From: mewzishn@spec.net Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:25:06 +0000   Peggy C. Bie wrote:   > What is his surname, and in what city was this?   It's in the subject, Peggy. Jonathan Hall. Sorry for failing to mention the city: New York (St Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue).   Ken Sybesma        
(back) Subject: Retraction From: Steven Margison <mgcfngrs@ameritech.net> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 22:46:12 -0500   Recently I posted on this forum comments relative to CATOE, and a public show at the Pickwick Theatre. My comments were made on the basis of information that I was led to believe was accurate by persons I shall not name. Mr. John Peters of CATOE has demanded an apology for errors in that statement to this forum, and this message complies with that request. If I made any error it was in not verifying my facts, believing instead what I was told and what I was observing first hand, and I apologize for the factual errors made. I could still defend at least a portion of my position, but I will not because I simply do not give a damn anymore. And while I'm apolgizing, let me apologize to the entire nation on behalf of the Chicago area for the deplorable and embarrasing state of the organ community in the Chicago area, once the most powerful and influential area in the country. As you all watch with disgust and dismay at the infighting taking place in this area you are watching as well the ultimate demise of both CATOE and CTOS, as neither of these organizations, in my humble opinion, can continue to survive in the current atmosphere of hostility. I took my own sweet time to join any local club, and once joined it was my hope that I could make a positive influence. Recently I judged that I could not make a difference belonging to only one club and I have asked for membership forms to join CATOE, so that I might try to work from within both organizations. Needless to say I will not be joining CATOE after all, and once my current obligations to handle all the mail order ticket sales for the aforementioned Pickwick shows is discharged (a large task that I now no longer have the heart nor stomach for) I will be resigning my position with CTOS as well. This is a hobby -- something that should be fun and rewarding. And in this community, it sucks.   I had hoped that once I joined a club I would not get sucked into the morass of sniping that pervades the Chicago area, but I was wrong. I feel that, to a certain extent, I have been led astray by gossip posing as facts, to the point where the credibility of some people in the organ community is highly suspect, and I no longer know who or what to believe, except what I see with my own eyes. So, Mr. Peters, you have my official apology here, and as far as the legitimate errors made by me based on misinformation to me, it is a sincere apology. As to your statement that I have done "great harm" to CATOE, that I have not done as I do not have that much influence. As you must be able to observe yourself over the last 5 or 6 years, CATOE has done more harm to itself that I could ever do with one email message. In point of fact, requesting this public apology from me does nothing to enhance CATOE's position, but only continues to show the nation how badly this house is divided and I feel demeans CATOE, CTOS, myself, and yourself even more. The factual errors made were handled by private email earlier and the matter should have been closed.   Finally, Mr. Peters, your request demanded my response in writing to you by 4/22/98. Since you did not send your letter to my current address the Post Office did not deliver it to me until late on 4/22, as my signed return receipt to you will prove, making it impossible to comply with that request. This email is posted as requested on 4/22; your written reply will be mailed to you by the end of this week.   Mr. Peters, I consider this matter now closed, the hatchet buried, and no hard feelings. I hope you will agree and allow us both to move on to more productive matters. Neither you, nor CATOE, will have any further reason to fear "great harm" from me.   (signed) Steven E. Margison  
(back) Subject: Moller Chests for Free!! (X-posted) From: Richard Schneider <arpncorn@davesworld.net> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:30:11 -0500   For anyone who is interested, there is a crew of organbuilders working at the First Mennonite Church in Berne Indiana, somewhat south of Ft. Wayne. We're working on tearing out Moller Opus 7503 (vintage 1947), which is a rebuild of Moller Opus 1643 of 1914.   There was a crew supposed to join us to remove and take away the main chests (pitman) from this instrument, and they had to back out at the last minute. We're really not interested in having the chests or hauling them away, nor would we like to see them end up in a dumpster if someone would like to put the effort into coming to get them. So, if someone would like to come and get them, they're available free for the taking. We'll have them out of the church, and they'll only need to be loaded into your truck.   One catch is that they have to be gone by Saturday noon at the outside latest. They'll be available by Thursday evening.   There are five pitman chests available, some of them with unit actions for some Pedal unification. Most of the chest primaries have been releathered in very recent years, and some internal pouches have also been done.   >From the Swell, three "M" diatonic chests holding:   8' Diapason 1-61 8' Voix Celeste TC 13-49 4' Principal 1-61 8' Salicional 1-61 8' Stopped Diapason 1-61 8' Trumpet 1-61, with 1-32 on unit action ------------------ 8' Oboe 1-61 2' Flautino 1-61 4' Harmonic Flute 1-61 8' Aeoline 1-61 16' Lieblich Gedeckt 5-61, mostly unit action ------------------ 2' Plein Jeu III 1-61, divided into three separate stops 4' Clarion 1-61 this chest also contains notes 62-73 for all 16', 8', and 4' Swell stops.   >From the Great, two "A" diatonic chests holding:   8' Open Diapason 9-61 16' Double Diapason 21-61, with 21-44 on unit action 4' Octave 1-61 2-2/3' Mixture III, divided into three separate stops ------------------ 4' Flauto Traverso 1-61 8' Gamba 8-61 8' Doppel Flute 1-61 8' Gemshorn 8-61 8' Melodia 1-61   The church is very easy to find, at the southeast corner of the only two highways that go through town. If there is anyone interested in having the chests call 616-482-5289, and leave a message.   Thanks! Shawn B-K