PipeChat Digest #624 - Tuesday, December 8, 1998
Hammond for sale
  by <Trackerbkr@aol.com>
New Pics
  by "Steven Margison" <steve@organman.com>
  by "Kevin Cartwright" <kevin1@alaweb.com>

(back) Subject: Hammond for sale From: Trackerbkr@aol.com Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 08:00:57 EST     << Subject: ultra-cheap Hammond for sale From: JCarington@aol.com Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 11:21:06 EST I just HAVE TO get rid of one of my organs. >> Did you checkmark the appropriate box on the back of your driver's license?   Laurie  
(back) Subject: New Pics From: "Steven Margison" <steve@organman.com> Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 11:02:13 -0600   Perhaps somewhat off topic, but since so many people on these lists also do woodworking I thought I let you all know that my new home workshop is now completed and I have posted pics and text at my website. Also included is a photo of my Rodgers Eagle Special in our new home.     |===================== Steve Margison =====================| |=== Staff Organist, Tivoli Theatre, Downers Grove, IL ===| |Organs, Theatres, Ham Radio, Lots of things at my WebSite:| | www.organman.com | |==========================================================|    
(back) Subject: HELP!!!!! From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 17:37:08 -0600   Below is what I'm sending to as many individuals and organizations as I can find.   Kevin C.   <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>   The area high school is building a new facility, which includes a new 1000 seat auditorium. I contacted administration about a theatre organ, and they approved the idea, and gave me four months to return exact chamber sizes. I have one month left, and no organ. The school is searching for an owner who would donate for a tax write-off.   I am writing to ask if you know of any theatre pipe organ for sale in the area. 5 or 6 ranks is the minimum, while we cannot accommodate any organ above 30 or 35 ranks. Any help you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Please reply.   Thank you,   Kevin Cartwright Organ Search Representative, Greenville High School Greenville, Alabama   (334) 382-7756 kevin1@alaweb.com   <><><>Continued-<><><><><><><><><><><><> I'll add: Any organ we recieve will fall under the care of myself and a few other local organ enthuiasts. I have been doing summer work for Barger and Nix Pipe Organs, Chattanooga, TN. The above technician will probably visit the organ twice each year at my expense. The organ builder is experienced with theatre organs, and owns a residence organ, a 3/12 WurliTzer/Marr Colton w/electronic 32' and additional 16' pedal bass.   I am involved with the Alabama Chapter ATOS (a.k.a. Birmingham Chapter ATOS). Chapter help with the school's organ will be limited, due to the excessive driving distance required for many of its most active members to drive to the location.   The organ will belong to the Butler County Board of Education, and will most likely be classified as a public resource. The organ will be used for solo programs, congregational singing, choral acc., band/orchestra acc., drama acc., and any other needed tasks. The auditorium will be used for public events in addition to school events.   There are two large chamber areas that can be subdivided to create more, smaller chambers. These chambers are to stage left and stage right. They will speak into the stage area, as several theatre organs do, and resembling the way a church organ speaks into the chancel. The creation of an actual sunken pit is being discussed. The console will reside in the pit. If there is no pit, it will reside on a lift at the front of the auditorium, or will be placed on a platform with casters.