PipeChat Digest #625 - Thursday, December 10, 1998
Leibert - once again
  by "Steven Margison" <steve@organman.com>
Music for Band and Organ
  by "Russell Greene" <russg@cyberspc.mb.ca>

(back) Subject: Leibert - once again From: "Steven Margison" <steve@organman.com> Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 09:29:32 -0600   A few weeks ago I posted a request for a copy or tape of "Leibert Takes Richmond". Several responded and I thought I had a line on a copy. But that ultimately didn't work out. Unfortunately, since I thought the issue was solved I deleted the other offers I had. Sometimes I can be too optimistic. So, here we go again. I would like to purchase someone's LP, or a taped copy, of "Leibert Takes Richmond" and/or "Leibert At Home". My LTR is so badly worn it is almost unplayable, and my LAH was lost many years ago. If you don't wish payment for the recording or tape, then I will donate to your favorite T.O. club. I let no kindness go unpunished! Please email privately so we don't clutter up two lists. Thanks to all!   steve     |===================== Steve Margison =====================| |=== Staff Organist, Tivoli Theatre, Downers Grove, IL ===| | Organs, Theatres, Woodworking, Lots more at my WebSite: | | www.organman.com | |==========================================================|    
(back) Subject: Music for Band and Organ From: Russell Greene <russg@cyberspc.mb.ca> Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 11:53:43 -0000   I have been asked to do a concert with a prominent local school band (about 250 kids). Does anyone have any idea where I might find music, sacred or secular, for organ and band? Any suggestions as to repertoire and/or sources would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Russ Greene