PipeChat Digest #252 - Sunday, February 15, 1998
Re: Hello Everyone!
  by Bob Loesch <rrloesch@jps.net>
  by W. Scarboro <scarboro@digital.net>
No ATOS in Monterey?
  by <danbel@earthlink.net>
Speakers for Conn Pipes - Cross Posted
  by Gregory F. Klingler <klingler@IDT.NET>
Re: Shoes
  by karencl@worldnet.att.net <karencl@worldnet.att.net>

(back) Subject: Re: Hello Everyone! From: Bob Loesch <rrloesch@jps.net> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 08:28:54 -0800   At 21:33 2/13/98 -0600, you wrote: >Congratulations on your acqusition. >I am trying to come up with the opus list >using www.theatreorgans.com and fail to >get anything but Ledwons console and organ dealers. Can you give me any >directions please?     Try: http://theatreorgans.com/AU/opus/     Regards,   Bob        
(back) Subject: Thanks! From: " W. Scarboro" <scarboro@digital.net> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 12:01:27 -0500     A big thank you to all of you for a warm welcome for me last night on Live Chat. I enjoyed it very much and I'll try to get on a much a I can. See you soon!     Sincerely,   Will Scarboro   **************************************************** Will Scarboro Organ Historian Organist, Pineda Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, Florida U.S.A 1996 OHS E. Power Biggs Fellow Municipal Organ Research Project Master of the Archives-Space Coast A.G.O ****************************************************    
(back) Subject: No ATOS in Monterey? From: danbel@earthlink.net Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 12:05:40 -0800 (PST)   Hello all,   Just heard through the ever present grapevine that the 1999 ATOS Regional Convention in Monterey has been cancelled. Anyone have an idea where it might be held instead?   djb    
(back) Subject: Speakers for Conn Pipes - Cross Posted From: "Gregory F. Klingler" <klingler@IDT.NET> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:08:17 -0500   Hi,   I recently acquired some Conn electronic pipes (3 small, 1 symmetrical, 1 large/medium and 1 large/bass) and I need to replace some of the 6" x 9" speakers. Is it better to use just plain 6 x 9's or the combination of 6 x 9 and tweeter or a combination of both? Radio Shack has a half price speaker sale going on right now, are these any good?   Also, I am looking to add either 1 or 2 set of bookshelf speakers to "spread out the sound" (left-right and possibly front-rear). Which brand should I consider (Bose, Pioneer, Infinity, and should they be "Hi-Fi" audio speakers or "Studio Monitors"; i.e. Alesis , Yamaha, Tanoy, etc.)? Theses will be powered by a separate 150 watt stereo amp along with an Alesis Nanoverb, EQ and BBE Sonic Maximiser.   Thanks,   Greg   PS - Organ to be either Conn 645 or 652. Both have external Leslie Speakers.    
(back) Subject: Re: Shoes From: "karencl@worldnet.att.net" <karencl@worldnet.att.net> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 19:21:54 -0800   Ruth - Do let the list know how you like the Organmaster shoes when you've tried them out. I like especially the fact that the soles are soft so that in soft and faster pedal runs, they don't clunk on the wood. I have found that if you walk in them much on a hard surface such as a tile floor, the nap becomes compressed, so I keep a piece of coarse sandpaper in the organ bench to rough them up when they get flattened. We have 3 morning services, and hey, I just don't take the time to take them on and off when running back and forth to the choir room, which has a tile floor. I don't rough them up very often either, because my repertoire doesn't contain many pieces with soft rapid runs. One does come to mine, though, and the first time I played it, a couple of choir members asked what that clunking noise was!! Sandpaper to the rescue! Karen Clifton clunking noise was