PipeChat Digest #273 - Thursday, February 26, 1998
A thumbnail history of the electronic organ
  by Dr Edward Peterson <epeterso@madison.tdsnet.com>
Broadway Baptist, Ft.Worth, web-page..
  by George W. Jenista <hiplain@flash.net>

(back) Subject: A thumbnail history of the electronic organ From: epeterso@madison.tdsnet.com (Dr Edward Peterson) Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 23:35:09 -0500   Since the question has arisen, a brief timeline of electronic organs might be in order. As has been stated by others, the earliest ancestors of the electronic organ indeed go back 100 years.   In the US:   1897 - Thaddeus Cahill's "Telharmonium".   1910 - Farrington's "Choralcello"-F C Lowery bought this design in 1918   1917 - J V L Hartley invents the inductance-capacitance (LC) oscillator, eventually making electonic tone generation a practical reality.   1928 - C G Conn music research lab work on electronic music production.   c1930 Benjamin F Meissner's patents acquired by Everett Organ Co for the Orgatron; design and patents later acquired by the Wurlitzer company.   15 Apr 1935 - Hammond organ introduced - Laurens Hammond and John Hanert   1939 - Allen Organs introduced   c1945 Baldwin Model 5, developed from patents of Dr. Winston Kock who had begun his experiments 16 years earlier.   1949 - Lowery Organo (with James Koehl)   1950s - Minshall, Seeburg, Gulbransen, Thomas and others were marketing   1952 - invention of the transistor caused a new flurry of development.   This brief listing includes only those efforts which led to commercially sold instruments - there are as many others which were merely collateral in nature but nonetheless comprise threads of the fabric of electric/ electronic organ history. Abroad, firms such as Bambi, Compton and Heinz Alhborn were at work on other variations of the electric organ.   There is more than ample "history" available in that old-fashioned medium, the printed word (i.e., books, articles, patent documents) for those 'historians' who are willing to go out and find it.   Because we have not seen it, we are disinclined to comment further about the CD provided by Microsoft. The facts can speak for themselves.   Beyond that, Mr. Scarboro would be disingenuous if, after examining our original reply to his poste, he can conclude that it was implied that *he* was re-writing history. Nowhere did we make that statement, and we do not recall than any of the other follow-ups did either. Chill, Will.   Dr.Ed      
(back) Subject: Broadway Baptist, Ft.Worth, web-page.. From: "George W. Jenista" <hiplain@flash.net> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 01:47:30 -0800   Hi List,   For those of you interested, my congregation, Broadway Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas, home of Casavant magnum-opus #3750 [V/191] has a web-page. Included is a specific page about the Rilda Bea Van Cliburn Memorial Organ. It's at:   http://www.broadwaybc.org/worship/op3750/op3750.html   Enjoy!! Goerge W. Jenista North Richland Hills, TX.