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Re: Praise choruses  (LONG)
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New Shedule for my trip to Australia
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****Raven CDs Online UPdate***
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Hymn Selection (appreciation for the right...expressing views...etc...)
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Lent III, Westbury NY (x-post)
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British Theatre Organ Society
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(back) Subject: Re: Praise choruses (LONG) From: SCoonrod <SCoonrod@aol.com> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 07:54:53 EST   Tim et.al.   I rather agree that the use of "praise" music in the situations that you mention sounds rather an unhappy blend.   However, somewhere there is a "more happy" blend, and if we want to keep working we need to be open to trying to find it. This does not mean playing "Jepordy" for a fellowship postlude (as you recall in my case...after struggling with this I opted NOT to play it. I said I would and then didn't. I do not know what the true feelings were, but nobody crawled me for not doing it)   At my Episcopal parish we did not delete any of our traditional music and replace it with renewal music. However, we did ADD 4 renewal songs (as well as some wonderful hymns in the 1982 Hymnal that were not in our repertoire.....go look up #51.....it is a favorite now!) during a formerly organ only communion time. We Purchased a new Yamaha Grand, and I accompany from the organ doing improvised intros and interludes, and we also have a talented pianist who joins in on the singing. In this case and for where we are as a parish this works and is not offensive.   I hope to someday be at a church that leans more toward the Anglican Cathedral style. This is my preference....smells and bells and all. But since the vast majority of my parish have woken up and are alive after so many years of being "asleep" I think our blend is successful......for now.   All I am saying is that if we (and I have been there) who ARE educated and have a sense as to what is appropriate in liturgical music shut ourselves off completely to this then we will be opening the doors of these positions to those who cannot shepherd these churchs in the right direction. I am not interested though in drums and bass guitars either, so I guess in some instances it may be better to let them go.......   RandyT  
(back) Subject: New Shedule for my trip to Australia From: Philippe Beullens <bulls.oil@tornado.be> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 15:36:37 +0100   Dear collegues   For those who might be interested, I communicate my adapted travel shedule to Australia for the summer of 1998 (which is winter 1998 in Australia).   Up to now, I will be playing an organ recital in Adelaide's Pilgrim Church on 16th July, as well as a recital in Sydney's St.Andrew's Cathedral on 23rd July. Maybe some other opportunities will show up for Melbourne...   Here's my new itinerary:   - arrival on 6th July in Melbourne Tullamarine Airport - 6th July - 11th july stay in MELBOURNE + 12th July departure by train to Adelaide.   - 13th July until 18th July: stay in ADELAIDE (with recital on the 16th) - 19th July: departure by train to Sydney   - 20th July: arrival in Sydney - 23rd July: Organ recital + departure by train to PERTH in the afternoon.   - then I'll arrive in Perth on sundaymorning the 26th :-)   - 26th until 31st: stay in PERTH   - 31st: departure to Adelaide (on my way to Alice Springs) - 2nd August: arrival in Adelaide.   - Then I'll continue my way to Alice Springs on Monday the 3rd, to arrive in Alice on Tuesday the 4rd.   - Then I'm planning to stay there at least one week, going back to Melbourne by plane.   On 15th August I'm catching my plane for the long trip back to Belgium.   If any people could still offer me open places for an organ recital in PERTH or MELBOURNE, please contact me at bulls.oil@tornado.be Some small things may still change on this plan, as I might probably take busses too (I think especially about Adelaide-Alice Springs). But roughly seen, this itinerairy will be what I'm doing in Australia.   Many thanks   Philippe Beullens Organist of St.-Agatha Church of Wilsele-Putkapel (Leuven, Belgium) Assistant-Organist of St.-Rumbold Cathedral at Mechlin (Belgium) Student at the Lemmens-Institute of Belgium.   Audenhovenlaan 77 B-3190 BOORTMEERBEEK, BELGIUM Tel: +32-15-51.19.17 Fax: +32-15-51.80.52 email: bulls.oil@tornado.be -----------------------------------------------------------------    
(back) Subject: ****Raven CDs Online UPdate*** From: The NE ORG <TheNEORG@aol.com> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 11:35:19 EST   Hey Folks!   Raven CD's has some new recordings available, including never before recorded works of Bach.   Should be worth checking out!     http://www.tneorg.com/raven       Len Levasseur The NEO Press tneorg@aol.com PO Box 747 http://www.tneorg.com/neopress Lawrence, MA 01842-1547 Fax:1-508-970-1133 Phone: 1-800-841-4030 Designers of the AGO National Website http://www.agohq.org    
(back) Subject: RE: Re: Praise choruses From: FireAlarmz <FireAlarmz@aol.com> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:04:07 EST   In a message dated 98-03-15 01:01:56 EST, Tim Rand write:   << They asked me to be frank about how I felt about their liturgy...so I took them at their word and told them it wasn't my cup of tea and that the job here for a >>   Unfortunately, one of the *many* things I've learned after 27 years of 'collecting a check' as church music director, is that churches- LIKED EVERYONE ELSE- do NOT want to hear the truth. This, is spite of the fact that they often pursue high ideals, and the fact that many church members and leaders really are nice people. Something happens when a "critical mass" is achieved in committee, or when one is in the minister's study! (In my case, when I get an E-mail with the "boss's" name on it as sender.)   I love church work, but you have to be realistic. Young listers pursuing a church career, please take note!   Sincerely, Bill Miller, First Presbyterian, Trenton NJ  
(back) Subject: Re: Recorder/Harpsichord CD From: Orlando Fiol <fiol@bway.net> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:45:20 -0600   At 08:20 PM 3/9/98 -0600, you wrote: >Not a digital/pipe topic, but I wanted to pass along that I just received a >great CD: Keith Jarrett (harpsichord) and Michala Petri (recorder) >performing Bach sonatas. What a great CD. I've enjoyed listening to it >*twice* tonight. > >This CD is recorded on the RCA label and is available from the BMG Classical >Music Club. > >Bob Nickel Bob, do you have any info there on the CD notes about the tuning of the harpsichord? I didn't think Keeth would be into historical temperaments, but maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised.   Orlando    
(back) Subject: Hymn Selection (appreciation for the right...expressing views...etc...) From: Kevin Cartwright <kevin1@alaweb.com> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 19:59:05 -0600   I have to say think you for all the posts about disliking hyms and liturgy. And I also tell the church what I think when I dislike something (I always have, and they still seem to appreciate me!) But, anyway, I get to chose the hymns and themes for the Sunday night services (the ones I play the organ for - excuse me for ending a sub-sentence with a preposition). So, I now appreciate that previlage more than I used to and can thank God every time I make that "simple lineup" when I have a bad week and don't want to work really hard (bad habit I have). This list has been a blessing for me, and has become one of about four ways I have fun...   THANKS!!   mailto:kevin1@alaweb.com   You can tell my service went well tonight... };->  
(back) Subject: Lent III, Westbury NY (x-post) From: mewzishn@spec.net Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:33:55 +0000   Church of the Advent Westbury, New York The Rev'd Jeffrey H. Krantz, rector Kenneth L. Sybesma, choirmaster and organist   15 March 1998   Organ Improvisation Hymn at the Entrance Procession L-31 “Lead Me to Calvary” Kyrie L-236, Leon C. Roberts Psalm 103, Anglican chant (Robert Knox Kennedy) Hymn at the Gospel Procession L-123 “Done Made My Vow” Anthem at the Presentation, “Forty Days,” Earl Sheldon Hymn at the Preparation L-38 “The Old Rugged Cross” Preface Dialogue S-120, plainsong Sanctus L-255, Grayson Warren Brown The Lord's Prayer L-264, Albert Hay Malotte Fraction Anthem L-269, Lena McLin Anthems at the Communion: “Jesus, the Bread of Life” Grayson Warren Brown “Benedicam Dominum” (Psalm 34) William Croft Organ Improvisation Hymn after the Communion L-115 “Spirit of the Living God” Hymn at the Retiring Procession L-12 “We’re Marching to Zion” Organ Improvisation   N.B. It is parish custom to use the hymnal "Lift Every Voice and Sing II" on the third Sunday of the month.        
(back) Subject: Memphis From: "Tim Rand" <tim@minn.net> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:55:54 -0600   There is a gem of an instrument at Lord of Life Lutheran Church (east of Memphis, near Germantown, on Poplar Pike). It's a two-manual tracker by Martin Ott. Great room, too.   ________________________________________________________________________________ Tim Rand 240 NE 6th ST Minneapolis, MN 55413-2256 phone (612) 378-1658 e-mail: tim@minn.net    
(back) Subject: British Theatre Organ Society From: DM726@delphi.com Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:12:13 -0500 (EST)   Is there a British Theatre Organ Society? Anyone know if they have a web site? I know about LTOS. Is there a BTOS?? TIA Dave McPeak