PipeChat Digest #309 - Thursday, March 26, 1998
Specification of Sheffield Cathedral organ
  by "Cheryl C Hart" <info@copemanhart.co.uk>
Ahlbron and MIDI for sale
  by "list" <list@cluff.net>
Stop names
  by "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com>
101 Uses For Your Old Lowrey Organ
  by "TonyIn219" <TonyIn219@aol.com>
Re: Stop names
  by "Prestant16" <Prestant16@aol.com>
Re: Name that Hymn
  by "Tim Rand" <tim@minn.net>
Free Pipe Organ!
  by "The NE ORG" <TheNEORG@aol.com>

(back) Subject: Specification of Sheffield Cathedral organ From: Cheryl C Hart <info@copemanhart.co.uk> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:07:09 GMT   Dear Bill,   >Stop-list, please! >   I am delighted to oblige hereunder. It will appear (with colour picture) in our advertisement in the May/June issue of Choir & Organ, and in the June issue of The American Organist.   With best wishes.   Cheryl     GREAT   Gemshorn 16 Open Diapason 1 8 Open Diapason 2 8 Stopped Flute 8 Octave 4 Gemshorn 4 Wald Flute 4 Quint 2.2/3 Fifteenth 2 Mixture VI Double Trumpet 16 Trumpet 8 Clarion 4 Swell to Great Choir to Great Solo to Great     SWELL (enclosed)   Bourdon 16 Open Diapason 8 Rohr Flute 8 Gamba 8 Voix C=E9lestes 8 Principal 4 Open Flute 4 Octave 2 Sesquialtera II Mixture III Contra Fagotto 16 Trumpet 8 Oboe 8 Vox Humana 8 Clarion 4 Tremulant Octave Unison Off Sub Octave Solo to Swell     CHOIR (enclosed)   Quintaton 16 Open Diapason 8 Viola da Gamba 8 Gedackt 8 Salicional 8 Vox Angelica 8 Principal 4 Spitz Flute 4 Nazard 2.2/3 Octave 2 Piccolo 2 Tierce 1.3/5 Larigot 1.1/3 Mixture IV Cromorne 8 Tremulant Octave Unison Off Sub Octave Swell to Choir Solo to Choir     SOLO (enclosed)   Harmonic Flute 8 Viole d=92Orchestre 8 Viole C=E9leste 8 Concert Flute 4 Grand Cornet V Corno di Bassetto 16 Cor Anglais 8 Festival Trumpet (unenc) 8 Tremulant Octave Unison Off Sub Octave     PEDAL   Sub Bass 32 Open Wood 16 Principal 16 Violone 16 Bourdon 16 Echo Bourdon 16 Octave 8 Violoncello 8 Bass Flute 8 Quint 5.1/3 Choral Bass 4 Open Flute 2 Mixture IV Contra Bombarde 32 Bombarde 16 Trombone 16 Clarion 8 Schalmei 4 Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal Choir to Pedal Solo to Pedal Gt & Ped pistons     Drawstop console in oak, finished to match surrounding woodwork, with simulated tracker touch to manuals.   Eight thumb pistons to Great =09 Eight thumb pistons to Swell Eight thumb pistons to Choir =20 Eight thumb pistons to Solo Eight toe pistons to Swell (switchable to generals 1 - 8) =20 Eight toe pistons to Pedal (switchable to generals 9 - 16) Sixteen general thumb pistons all pistons adjustable by capture system with thirty-two long-term= memories   General cancel thumb piston   10 thumb and 4 toe piston reversers   Alternative (French) voicing thumb piston with indicators   Switch to transfer choir department to solo loudspeakers - labelled =91NAVE= CHOIR=92         COPEMAN HART & COMPANY LTD Church Organ Builders IRTHLINGBOROUGH Northamptonshire ENGLAND NN9 5TZ=09   http://www.copemanhart.co.uk =20 Tel +44 (0)1933 652600 Fax +44 (0)1933 652288 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ US CONSULTANCY: Copeman Hart - America 107 East Pasadena Road OAK RIDGE TN 37830-5112   Email Cpmnhartus@aol.com Tel 423 482 8600 Fax 423 482 8600 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUSTRALIAN CONSULTANCY: Copeman Hart - Australia 60 Memorial Avenue ST IVES NSW 2075   Email hamilton.stives@bigpond.com Tel 0414 477 352 or 02 9983 9775 Fax 02 9983 9709 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    
(back) Subject: Ahlbron and MIDI for sale From: "list" <list@cluff.net> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 07:03:31 -0700     I have an Ahlborn and Keyboard System unit for sale   jerry@cluff.net      
(back) Subject: Stop names From: "Judy A. Ollikkala" <71431.2534@compuserve.com> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:40:03 -0500   Might someone be familiar with the two starred stop names on this Positif list? Are they spelled wrong or can they be identified? Thanks, from a friend.   my brother sent me this stoplist to correct (he's not a musician)   i'm not familiar with (*)     Positif 8' Gedackt 8' Soli coral (*) 4' Principal 4' Rohr Flute 4' Selnat (*) 2 2/3' Nazard 2' Piccolo Tremolo            
(back) Subject: 101 Uses For Your Old Lowrey Organ From: TonyIn219 <TonyIn219@aol.com> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:21:53 EST   I've been flooded with requests for copies of my book. I guess I've been caught in a slight deception. It's not ACTUALLY in print -- yet. Unfortunately, Lowreys are undervalued and underappreciated in today's highly segmented organ market. Just as people laughed at the Edsel, old Lowreys receive similar adulatory acclaim from the established organ intelligentsia.   Look for me in the OHS catalog.   John Carrington Chesterton, Indiana Tonyin219@aol.com   "Ask me about part no. L-486, the Lowrey Symphonic Theatre Internet Console Conversion Kit. For one-handed typists, the one-finger chords are great for beginners and adult chatters alike."  
(back) Subject: Re: Stop names From: Prestant16 <Prestant16@aol.com> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 15:10:11 EST   In a message dated 98-03-25 09:46:46 EST, you write:   > > Positif > 8' Gedackt > 8' Soli coral (*) Maybe a Salicional > 4' Principal > 4' Rohr Flute > 4' Selnat (*) Maybe an extension of the Salicional, Salicet? > 2 2/3' Nazard > 2' Piccolo > Tremolo   Thats the best I can do!   -William  
(back) Subject: Re: Name that Hymn From: "Tim Rand" <tim@minn.net> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:54:33 -0600   > Theme to the show "With Heart and Voice" is the D. Johnson > Trumpet tune in D. > Easily learned, and has become a favorite of brides In my church. Thanks, Nathan, I've been wondering about that title for YEARS of listening to my favorite show! Am surprised, tho...could have SWORN that tune was by a real Brit!   Does anyone know the recording and/or instrument?   ________________________________________________________________________________ Tim Rand 240 NE 6th ST Minneapolis, MN 55413-2256 phone (612) 378-1658 e-mail: tim@minn.net    
(back) Subject: Free Pipe Organ! From: The NE ORG <TheNEORG@aol.com> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:57:38 EST     Sender: 103202.2212@compuserve.com (Alan Miller Laufman)     Available immediately, FREE, as is where is, a 2m 16 rank Austin, good condition. Must be removed no later than the week after Easter 1998. Dismantling, packing, and moving services must be provided by or approved by the Organ Clearing House, P.O. Box 104, Harrisville, N.H. 03450 tel 603/827-3055 FAX 603/827-3750